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Ginny was acting not her self she was in a way posseed possed by love harry was so nevers ginny wouldent talk to him he thought he did something wrong bit he didnt ginny didnt think any body noticed but harry did 

"ginny are you okay" harry asked

"yep"ginny said staring at the fire

"you dont seam like it"harry said

"im fine"still staring at the fire

"well i dont think you are"he said

"harry trust me"she said still staring at the fire but this time had tears in her eyes

"ginny your not okay"he said

"I AM"she yelled looking at the fire more intense than before 

"okay"harry said quietly as he walked off

"harry are you alright " ron asked

"yeah"he said

"i heard my sister yelling at you"he said in careing voice

"she wouldn't tell me whats wrong all she did was stare at the fire"harry said

"oh well her boyfriend fire broke up with her if thats why then i understand"ron said

"maby"harry said doubtful 


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