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It's been over 3 years since I last saw her. Death told me that the next time she wouldn't be able to save me. That her interfering has caused a disruption to the balance. So I got rid of all my tools of self mutilation. Some days it's hard not to just breakdown and start cutting again. She said she could heal all my scars but I told her that they are there as a sign of what I've been through.

"Are you even listening to me?" said the girl sitting across from me.

She pulled me out of my daydreaming with her question. My eyes focused on her. Her name was Alex. She is one of the rich popular girls I went to high school with. She was a dead knock out. But held nothing to death's beauty. 

This is why I don't have a girlfriend cause I'm always comparing them to Death. Alex told me that I was required to take her out on a date since she is rich. I did just to amuse her but I really had no interest in her. 

"Honestly no" I replied before taking a sip of my drink.

She scoffed "I'm giving you a chance to be someone important. Do you know how much your status will raise dating me?"

All she sees is statuses and money. My family isn't poor by no means but i wasn't spoiled. My father believed in hard work. I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair. 

I started to hum a tune. I don't remember where I got it but it always made me calm. I opened my eyes and stared at Alex. But she had a look a fear on her face. 

"What is wrong with you? Your shadow scare you again." I said

She cleared her voice and relaxed. "Where did you get that song? It made me feel like I was going to die."

"I don't remember but it calms me down" I replied

"Are there words to it? Maybe it won't sound so deadly if I heard the words" asked Alex.

I sat there for a second thinking of them. It has been awhile since I've actually said the words.

"Her watchful gaze will always see no matter where you hid.

Her beauty will stop you in your tracks.

Not a man alive has tamed her fiery so..." 

Was all I got out when Alex cover my mouth. "Don't sing anymore." 

I have never seen Alex get scared before. I always felt the filthy rich didn't fear anything since their money would make all their problems go away. I lightly hugged her. I usually enjoy torturing people like her but she looked like a lost child since my song. 

"You ok now" I asked Alex.

She just hummed since this is the first time I've ever let her hug me. The moment I put my arms around her to comfort her she clamped on to me and won't let go.

"Let go now. You are cute but not that cute" I said.

"Don't like to me I'm the cutest one her." She replied hugging even tighter.

"Beauty is more that skin deep. Kid" I said.

She tried to hug even tighter from me calling her a kid but she isn't the strong. I chuckled at her attempt. I put a finger in both of her sides causing her to flinch and releasing me.

"That is no far. You're not ticklish" Alex pouted.

"Don't blame me for your weaknesses" I replied

I picked up my helmet from the spare seat at the table.

"I been meaning to ask. What do you have a helmet? You are not a skater or bmx rider" asked Alex

"Me and you live in too different worlds. You have a personal driver and bodyguards. So you never truly live." I said.

"I can go and eat anything in the world with my money" Alex said.

"True but if you fly everywhere when do you actually see the world first hand." I said as I walked away. 

I was really hot outside the mall that Alex asked me to meet her at. Luckily I parked my bike in the shade. The bike was the present my dad gave me for graduating. It is a older model black and red cruiser with saddlebags. Riding a motorcycle gave you a sense of freedom you don't get while in a car. A girl was sitting on my bike like she was test fitting it for a ride.

"You know it's rude to sit on a stranger's bike." I said as I walked up

The woman acted like I didn't say a word and kept toying with my bike. I reached forward and grabbed her arm.

"You know it's rude to ignore someone when they are talking to you" I said with some anger

This time the woman reacted by slapping my hand away. She got off my bike and stared at it harder.

"What is this monster? No matter what I say to it the thing won't move." Said the woman.

"Well you have to have the key for it to run sweetheart" I replied while straddling the bike and cranking it over.

The bike roared to life with a thundering explosion. The woman's eyes lit up at the the sound of the bike. I turned and looked at her face and it was her. The woman I've compared every girl in school to. It was Death.

I got off my bike but left it running. I wrapped her up in a hug.

"Um who gave you permission to touch me mortal?" Asked the woman.

"Do you not remember me? It's Daniel."

She pushed me away and gave a puzzled look. Now that I looked at her. She wasn't death but she was a spitting image of her. Her hair wasn't black but a dark brown. 

"Who do you think I am mortal?" Asked the woman

"Are you not Death. The one who saved me when I accidentally killed myself 3 years ago" I said.

It was like a lightbulb lit up. She hugged me tight. 

"You are the mortal she saved and disrupted the balance with. But I'm one of her sisters Aria."

She let me go then proceed to get back onto my bike. She sat there commanding it to move but it didn't do anything. I chuckled a little while I reached for the throttle and gave it a quick turn. It roared and popped from the motion then settling back to idle. 

"So why are you here Aria?" I asked

She sat there revving my bike up a few times with a look of a kid with a new toy. I reached over hitting the kill switch. She glared at me then tired to mimic how I started it but it would start.

"That was mean" she pouted

"Well if you answer my questions then I'll actually take you on a ride" I said

"Really! Do you believe in fate Daniel?" Said Aria.

I stood there for a little bit pondering her question. I never really thought about it. But was meeting Death fate. Was it supposed to start some chain of events.

"I can never say i have." I replied

"Well there are a few powers in the cosmos you can not escape. One is Death cause no matter where you hide Death will find you. And another is Fate." Said Aria.

She got off my bike and motioned for me to get on. I was still lost in thought when I could feel her trying to move me. I looked down at her and she froze.

"You have a date with Fate" Aria said.

"Since Death is a goddess. I'm assuming Fate is one too." I said

"Yep but I'm not as forward as Death" said Aria


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