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Narrator: as Julie ran away from the group Jackson felt like he made Julie scared of him.

Jackson was thinking of going after her but he was too scared that he would look like a loser going after a "nerd" which is was why he chickened out like a coward.

Well...let's get back to the story....

*Julie ran to the girls lockers because no one was in there at the moment*

Julie: *she mumbles to herself while crying* why....why did he have to kiss me....? Why did he have to like me....? Why am I so stupid....I-I wish I would dead...

???: hey? You ok in there? *someone said outside of the locker rooms*

Julie: *she wiped away her tears and comes out of the girls locker rooms to see a guy* w-who are you...? And....did you hear me crying...?

???: yeah....I heard you crying and wanted to check if you were ok or not.

Julie: that's nice of you but.....I'm's just I'm confused.....and I'm scared.....

???: wanna talk about it?

Julie: n-no it's ok..... well.... see you later.... I guess..... *she walks away from the guy and goes to her classroom which was a few minutes away from the girls lockers room*

Isabelle: *was walking to her classroom which was right next to Julie's classroom*

Jackie: *walks up to Isabelle and pushes her over making it look like an accident* whoopsie my bad! I didn't see you there. *she walks away from Isabelle and sticks out her tongue*

*someone helps Isabelle up*

Isabelle: ummm.....thank you? Wait you are omg you are the biggest bully in the school?!?!? Liam Nathaniel Robertsom!!

Liam: yeah I'm glad you know me. *he helped her up and laughs at her reaction*

Isabelle: *was scared that he was going to start bullying her* umm t-thank y-yo-you

Liam: don't be scared, I won't hurt you. I wanted to help you up because I wanted to be nice today.

Isabelle: *shyly says* o-oh ok... 

*A few minutes later the bell rings*

Liam: well see you in class *he starts to walk away to his Science Class. The same class room as Isabelle's class*

Isabelle: *blushes and little and goes into the classroom*

Teacher: well hello everyone. Today we will be assigning lab partners. To work with for the rest of the year.

All: *gasp and look at everyone around them hoping to not get stuck with them*

Teacher: ok first pairing is Jane Jewelr and Joshua Jackson,James Nathaniel and Bella Rosebelle, Liam Nathaniel and Jackie–

Jackie: YESS IM WITH LIAM!!!!!! 

Teacher: nevermind I mean Jackie January and Daniel Thunder. Last but not least Liam Nathaniel and Isabelle Icyrose.

Isabelle: *looks at Liam and then at Jackie who started to glare at her in a creepy way*

Jackie: *glaring at Isabelle giving her a shivers down her spin*

*The bell rang and everyone leaves the classroom besides Isabelle since she wanted to stay back and clean*

Isabelle: *feels like someone was spying on her. She looks around and shivers a little when the lights turn off* h-hello? I-is anyone h-here?

*It was dark and someone sneaks up on Isabelle and hugs her from behind* 

Isabelle: a-ahh?!? W-what the? *She feels someone hug her from the wast* who are you?

????: *a voice starts to speak* shh shh it's ok....I'm here shhh shh I'm here to protect you..

Isabelle: *didn't know who it was but the voice sounded so familiar she trusted them*

????: wait here. I'll get a friend to turn the lights on *the voice walked away from her step by step and suddenly the lights came back on*

Isabelle: *she thinks to herself* who was that guy? And why did he sound so familiar...?? *She kept thinking of him*

*After a week or two everyone was studying hard for their projects and tests even the bad kids were being good for once* 

????: ugh sis I hate you for making me help you with your stupid homework project for your school!! 

Isabelle: sis you go to the same school as me. And you get less homework because you told every teacher that you are a slow learner–

????: *covers Isabelle's mouth* will you be quiet!! I know I lied to the teachers but I hate doing work. Even tho I already know the things they teach me I just pretend not to know just to make it easier for me...

Isabelle: *moves her hand* ok ok I get it. I know you know it Ivy. You just are different at this stuff. Let's just continue studying. I really need this done.

Ivy: ok fine little sis. *They finish the homework and get ready for bed*

*The next day at school*

*In the morning most of the students were walking around or at their lockers. Let's go see what's Ivy is up to*

Ivy: *getting her stuff from her locker*

Mrs Penny: Ivy. Please follow me.

Ivy: *looks up from her locker and goes with the teacher*

Mrs Penny: ok so I have heard you have been having problems with your grades. So I am giving you a tutor.

Ivy: oh....ok Mrs...

Mrs Penny: you will meet your tutor at lunch time near the senior lockers. 

Ivy: ok Mrs.... I will do my best to... get my grades up... *she sighs and looks down*

Mrs Penny: you may go now. 

Ivy: *she leaves the room and goes to her next class which was woodwork* 

*After a few hours it was lunch time. Before Ivy meets up with her tutor she meets up with her sister*

Isabelle: hey sis how are you?

Ivy: I guess I'm ok... I just have a tutor now.... I have to meet them at the senior lockers...

Isabelle: want me to walk you there? Since I have to meet up with some seniors for basketball. 

Ivy: sure.... thanks sis...

Isabelle: no problemo sis. 

*The girls start walking to the senior lockers, when they got there the seniors were waiting there for the girls*

*The seniors were looking at the girls*

Isabelle: umm *whispers*  this is kinda creepy

Ivy: yup. It kinda is creepy. *whispers back*

A senior: you are Isabelle and Ivy right? 

Ivy&Isabelle: *nod and look down*

The senior: well Isabelle you can go play and practice basketball.

Isabelle: *nods and goes with the other seniors and other students to practice basketball*

Ivy: umm... 

???: um you don't need to be scared. I'm your tutor. I'm Leon Liontiger

Ivy: h-hi....I-I am Ivy Icyrose..

Leon: come on. Let's go to the library. 

Ivy: sure....*she follows him to the library and they start to study* 

*A month later everyone finished studying and finished their exams. Now we go to Isabelle and Ivy*

Ivy: how was everything with sports and exams?

Isabelle: honestly pretty good. Everything has changed alot from last month. What about you?

Ivy: I have been ok. I just kinda think I am starting to develop f-feelings for um... Leon...

Isabelle: wait really?!? Well I kinda have a crush on someone as well.

Ivy: I'm guessing it's Liam?

Isabelle: y-yeah. I just don't know why I like him tho. He's just amazing and well.... So cool!

Ivy: I can see that *giggles*

*Suddenly the lights turn off in the school it was completely dark. The girls get grabbed and dragged to a room which was darker than the rest*

To be continued....... 


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