Story Of A Young Girl 2 Read Count : 5

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance

Narrator:as Julie ran away from the group Jackson felt like he made Julie scared of him.

Jackson was thinking of going after her but he was too scared that he would look like a loser going after a "nerd" which is was why he chickened out like a coward.

Well...let's get back to the story....

*Julie ran to the girls bathrooms because no guys could get in there unless they wanted to be called perverts*

Julie:*she sits in a toilet cubicle and mumbles to herself while crying* why....why did he have to kiss me....? Why did he have to like me....? Why am I so stupid....I-I wish I would dead...

???:hey? You ok in there? *someone said outside of the bathrooms*

Julie:*she wiped away her years and comes out of the bathrooms to see a guy* w-who are you...? And....did you hear me crying...?

???:yeah....I heard you crying and wanted to check if you were ok or not.

Julie:that's nice of you but.....I'm's just I'm confused.....and I'm scared.....

???:wanna talk about it?

Julie:n-no it's ok..... well.... see you later.... I guess..... *she walks away from the guy and goes to her classroom which was a few minutes away from the bathrooms*

Isabelle*was walking to her classroom which was right next to Julie's classroom*

Jackie:*walks up to Isabelle and pushes her over making it look like a accident* whoopsie my bad! I didn't see you there. *she walks away from Isabelle and sticks out her tongue*

*someone helps Isabelle up*

Isabelle:ummm.....thank you? Wait you are omg you are the biggest bully in the school?!?!? Liam Nathaniel Robertsom!!

Liam:yeah I'm glad you know me. *he helped her up and laughs at her reaction*

Isabelle:*was scared that he was going to start bullying her on* umm t-thank y-yo-you

Liam:don't be scared I won't hurt you. I wanted to help you up because I want to be nice.

Isabelle:*shyly says* o-oh ok... 


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