A Lion And His Boy Read Count : 10

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Prologue Leo remembers how it happened. One night he's laying in his den. The moon was shining through the entrance and the cool night air wrapped around his fur. He gives a content and relaxed purr. Nearly shaking the den from the mighty sound, no doubt can be heard 5 miles across the Savannah. His eyes are fixed at the nighttime sky. Stars forming all around. Beside him, he felt the little creature beneath his fur stirring. Smiling he nuzzles the human cub with his snout. His smiles grows even wider when the little one giggles. "Go to sleep." He whispers. "All little lions are supposed to be asleep." The little one closed his eyes. The lion wrapped his arm around the boy. He was about to doze.... When he heard what sounded like a helicopter, men shouting, guns firing. Next thing he knows, the lion is charging at one of the men, his claws are ready for the kill. Before he can pounces he's stopped by his cub's cries. He rushes towards him when he feels a sharp pain in his back. He meets the ground with a thud. His eyes grow heavy. Nothing but shadows and blurred figures dance in front of him. The boy's cries grow faint. All is silent.

Chapter 1 Caged and Tortured 

The circus draws to a close. The audience begins to leave. All the animals are lead back to their cages. Once finished with cleaning after the elephants, and the drunk unconscious clowns, yes he has to do that as well, Alex finally runs to one of the other tents and falls in a heap in front a locked cage. He sobs. A weak and scared paw stretches out, gently caressed the boy's shoulder. "Don't cry little one. Everything is alright." Alex lifts his head, his eyes stare back to the eyes of the exhausted and physically drained Leo the lion. Alex grips his friend's paw. He winces as his thoughts return back to that night. He's dragged out of the den, arms forcefully bent behind his back, he sees the lion laying motionless on the grass. Two darts in his shoulder blades. He's panicking, calling out to Leo, thinking he's dead. Alex lunges to the cage, hands gripping the bars. Tears fall from his eyes. "I hate how they treat you! How they use that whip! Why are they doing this!" "Its alright." "ITS NOT ALRIGHT!!!" Leo brought hims to the bars, using what remained of his strength, and wrapped his arms around the child. "Listen I don't mind what happens to me." "They treat you like trash! LIKE AN ANIMAL!!" The boy screams. Angrily pulled away from the hug. "I am an animal!" Leo shouted back. "Not to me...." Alex' heart sunk when he finally saw the lion's face in the moonlight. It was caked with blood from multiple whips. "Why let them do this?" He asked. "As long as they don't touch I will obey their every command." 


Leo is dragged across the ground, all he could think of is dig his claws in the dirt. Finally they brought him in this dark room. A man in a red suit and a black top hat enters. The lion is forcefully brought to his knees, the man towers over him. The lion is still dizzy from the darts. Suddenly he realizes his jaw feels tight. He discovers he wearing a muzzle. Eyes glare at the top hat man. Leo can feel his growl trapped within his throat. "Well", the man finally says. "Its about time we've caught up with you. Cat!" The lion just glares at the man. He attempts to make a move when he is suddenly shoved back down by the other men. It was a really hard thud and it knocked the air out of him. The man bends over the beast, again towering over him. "Now, now. Don't do anything rash. We wouldn't want anything to happen to your little "cub" now would we?" He snaps his fingers, and like magic the boy is tied up and guarded by two other men. Leo's eyes grew wide. Both lion and boy try to reach other. "Let him go!" Said Leo through his lips. "Now now." Continued the man. "He shall be fine as long as you do everything we say." The lion's gaze went from Alex back to the man. Then Leo reluctantly nodded. The man smiled, then nodded at the two men who released the boy. Alex ran to the lion who immediately squeezed him in his arms. Alex remembers Leo whispering him assuring words. "Its gonna be okay. I promise I won't let them touch you." The reunion was eventually broken up. The two have been living with the circus since.

End of Flashback 

The cold, unloving bars of the cage are what stood better Leo and his cub. Their foreheads touched through the gaps. "I want to go home." Alex whimpered. "I know pal." Replied Leo. One of the stage hands arrived in the tent, ready to give the lion his food. Alex took the keys and offered to feed it to him. Everyone in the circus all know of the bond between these two. So a request like this isn't unexpected. But rarely granted. Tonight it was. Once the cage was opened, Alex climbed in. It was crampy but they didn't care. They know it was only for a short time before Alex had to go to his tent to sleep but they made the time they had. "Soon we will break out of here. I promise." Leo vowed.


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