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Actually I don't understand but often people make me write things which doesn't suit my style of writing, since it refers to the problem of a foreigner and since she has talked ill about a country I felt I Should write about it. 

A US blogger by name colleen grady recently visited India for some vedic studies and stayed in a ashram and during one of her visit to Jaipur she lost her iPhone x which costs between 1500 to 3000 us dollars and in my country it is 110000 rs. Which is a big amount for many.

I agree but afterwards she got back her phone but whatever she has written in her Instagram account is really horrible. She calls INDIA HAS POOREST COUNTRY but little she knows that INDIA IS DISGUISED AS POOR BUT IF INVESTIGATION IS CARRIED ON, NO ONE WON'T BELIEVE THE TRUE WORTH OF THIS COUNTRY.

BRITISHERS, MOGHALS, afghans, turks and many more looted this country from centuries but still this country has lots of secrets hidden in it. 

She has said that I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY OF INDIANS HAVE IPHONE? She doesn't know but about 10 to 15% of apple products totally finds its sales in INDIA. I think she hasn't visited the affluent places of India, if she has done that she won't say this. More than 35% of the money in SWISS BANK also belongs to Indians.

I have lots to write but I am not here to create nuisance but to make it aware that WHEN ANYONE VISITS ANY PLACE HE OR SHE SHOULD FEEL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR THINGS. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR PLACE OR IN YOUR OWN PLACE TAKE CARE OF YOUR ASSETS, the world is filled with THIEFS and fraudsters, we can't believe anyone except ALMIGHTY GOD.

My suggestion to all those who frequently travel places, please take care of yourself and your things, leaving GOD no one will come to your rescue, atleast that lady was lucky she got back her phone. They are many who have lost things which hasn't got recovered till now. 

So be careful don't blame others. 


  • Interesting focus. I think I'll share.

    Jan 06, 2019

  • I wouldn't believe anyone. Diety or not

    Jan 06, 2019

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