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This is to tell you my experience in a mental hospital,ithe was funny and horrible and I will add some exaggeration to it so it's a little bit more funny but let's start.

Okay. So it happened when I went to the doctors and let's call him mr. Down.As I talk to him while my mom my mom is like forcing me to bit she didn't say anything she just looked at me.I didn't talk much so my mom talked to him after I stop talking.

So after that mr.down talked to my mom and told her to take me to the damn hospital and with out know g they where going to keep me there I had no choice with getting to stay!

So after getting in and being asked a lot of questions I was put in this nude walked me there and as I walked in the first thing I kids older than me besides one kid lets call her ice...and at the time I am 13 .

So I had one kid come up and ask my name and you know what I did...nothing I didn't say anything because I am shy as the nurse told everyone my name,and then it got extremely uncomfortable they took me to a room and made me get naked...they had to look at my clothes to see if I try to seek something in the was horrible...

After that..I sir down and re-read my book..what book "a series of unfortunate events ". I love that book series so much..but back to the story.

As I was reading,a man walked in and this chick...called his name and ask if he want she saif that I a flirtatious voice as.I look up...this damn hoe started danm like she was in a striper club..I mean where is the nurse to stop her from doing that shit,but I was laughing I found it funny but BOOM this nurse walk in the room like she owns the damn place and she yelled at us and the chick to stop..and it scared the shit out of me...

So after that I was on this 24 hour mode where I had to be all by myself but when it was time to sleep...the bed was uncomfortable as hell..I mean I rather sleep on a bed of nails than that and I know how a bed of nails is and it's a lot better than these beds..

As I was sleeping I woke up and there's this person in the other bed of the room and I swear I was all alone in that room when I headed to bed...and after I doze back off,I get woke up 4 in the fucking morning so that I can have my blood drawn...and hate needles so I was not in the mood to do that..

After the other three got there blood drawn it was I sat down knowing this going to hurt a lot but...ithe didn't they took 5 tubes of blood from me...and my arm felt numb...

So I was not able to sleep after that I had to drink cranberry juice which is now it's time for everyone to wake up they come in the room and I met this girl...who I still talk to this day let's call her light...light was amazingly kind and loving and when I left..she told me something that made my happy after what all happened there but we will get to that part...

So light sat across me we told each others name,she has a beautiful name and I was kinda jealous.I learned she makes a comic and draws all this amazing stuff and her art is wayyy,better than mine.

And walks up and sits by ice seems nice and pure but when it was my last day I have lost trust in ice told us about her and we trusted her as a friend,so we went to lunch and omg ice ate fish and that is what ice is allergic  to she tried to kill herself from a allergic and light had to get the damn fish away from her....

Well this is part 1...the second part will be here soon..


  • i enjoyed this but some of the word usage was incorrect (e.g. after they had THERE blood drawn) also i seemed a little confused about your usage of tense, e.g. comfortable than THESE beds (sorry for using caps i did it to show the error). I also like the gacha verse/life cover.

    Jan 05, 2019

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