Never Fake Your Own Seizure Read Count : 11

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There was this kid who hates his parents they were always at work and have no time for him days pass by and he got really mad he came up with the thought to fake his own seizure he thought if he did it he'll get more attention. one afternoon it was Monday at school when he was walking down the stairs he purposely tripped he act like he was passed out the teacher hurry up and grab the phone first person she called was the parents the mom ran out the door as fast as she could she got in the car she was driving so fast she kept driving fast faster and faster then after that she got in a car accident. But the dad in the other hand was fixing a bomb it was about to explode he was going to cut the red wire which was the right one the one little mistake could make the bomb explode next thing you know that was the end


  • Jan 05, 2019

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