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Feelings come and they go.

Almost like a roller coaster of emotions. 

Everyday we are getting older, the world is slowly changing around us. 

We are all too concerned  about the future.  

Not me, not me...

I'm sitting here alone thinking. 

Repeating what I been there. What I've seen, heard. Was raised.

There is always ups but then in some cases. There is always  more downs. And when I feel like the world is weighing nicely on my shoulders. 


Theres something that knocks my whole world upside down. But not completely  this time. I still have a bit of strength  to keep my head up high. 

Of course always putting on a fake  smile. 

But I do know one reason why I do smile. I will come back up. Stronger then ever, and once I do nothing cant go wrong with that. 


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