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I sit here in the corner of my room. No lights no sound except a small red speck from my turned off TV. I look out into the dark and there's not even walls around me just dark dark dark. I reach out and I feel a cold breeze yet no one there. Not a soul to be had nor window cracked. I sit there and think and think to myself "Why, why I am I to be the one who's goals crushed and heart shattered? Dreams lost and memories forgotten. Hope unknown and traveled path lost." I close my eyes and there before me I see crowns. One of olive branches like those the Roman's and Greeks wore in days of old. I hold it and a voice whispers to me in my ear. "A simple crown for the ruler of beggars." With that I'm reminded that I am poor and ask my friends for food and supplies. The next crown is one crissend with jewls and gold. I again grab it and the same voice like a dark in the light says "A crown intricate and made with compassion taken by you with all means of dishonesty oh ruler of thieves." More memories flood into my mind, these of my exploits. My steeling from all but my friends. The last crown a circlet with rust on it very few jewels. I grab hold of it and the voice for one last time says "Oh of all the crowns you have mighty ruler this is the one that you were born with. Your birth right to a kingdom in Spain but alas your two other crowns rob you if this one. One by which you needed not to beg for or steel." With that I take all three crowns and just hold them close. When I open my eyes I am placed back into a dark corner of a dark room. No light but a red speck from a TV that is shut off. There I lie crushed, broken, and hopeless. 

My father pissed me off by trying to crush my goals 


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