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1:34am : what a day...wait it has just started😂. Okay so yesterday back untill monday ive been by my friends doing alot of random stuff and just chillin and playing on my friends xbox one just being our selfs before school. School...? Something i missed this past two weeks. I dont know its just ive grew into the routine and ever since the beginning of last years school opening i was hyped of being in highschool. Ive met new people,seen new places , done new stuff, missed people ,lost people, but gained much more. I found a beautifull girlfriend , gotten my first kiss , been on small dates and it has been 4 months of learing how to share a part of your live and giving a bit of your time not to yourself but to another person you find attractive. Look if your a jock or the b*tch or the gamer or the nerd theres gonna be a person for you you should just wait for the right time and dont do it because your friends told you to or its just about being in a relationship. But anyways... I should go take a shower after i woke up😛. Its great just to look back and remember the good moments and funny jokes yoiu made with your friends. All my real friends are a other school so i had to make new ones and they arent working out so well. I guess...i just miss my live long friends well i question at but i try. Okay so im in grade 9 this year yet agian hyped and ready...well almost but ill get there not much yu can do 1:51am. Im not even tired i just wanna tipe and go on with my book plz go check it out @matt landon - cluthes. Sometimes i wonder if i just tipe for fun or for the fame i dont know if i had about 12 people reading my work i would be happy but i guess two is ok. My content arent that bad even i tend to reread my work just for fun to see where my head went and where my thinking process is. I tend not to stay on track because there alot i want in the chapter and like to address or alot of ways i want it to go and it just mixes up sometimes but yet agian no one is there to see it so meh but im not complaining the three followers i have is great i just need to get some motivation. So im 15 in 8 monthes and its 2019. Strange...it feels as if ive grown up faster than most my age. Oh well hope youve enjoyed about 450 words of nothing. Go check out chapter one of cluthes is in my own opinion a ok book and every ten or less days there wil be a new chapter hope youll enjou good night and it has been M@tt - 2:00am


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