Forest Monster Part 1 Read Count : 2

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Hi I know this may not be new to you, hearing about forest monsters is definitely nothing new. Many people fake a monster experience and claim the forest is where they were. But even though people lie about stuff like this It doesn't mean things like this never happend. Do to all the fake paranormal experiences it led people to believe that it wasn't real and didnt exist. I even used to think that before August came. August 17 to be exact, was the day I saw it. The forest monster. The morning of that day wasn't very normal either but in a different way. My house was never normal. When I was five I got pushed down the stairs by something I dont know what it was but it wasn't normal. That's a different story. When I woke up that morning there was an eerie feeling in my room. Almost like something had been watching me. I brushed it off now being used to it since I had lived in that house for so long. After getting ready for the day I realized my mother wasn't home when she usually is. I brushed that off Too. I decided to go walking around since enevidably everyone else was busy. I walked down the street and up a hill, wondering I found myself in front of a forest. I decided to just walk around in the forest because even since I was little I was intrigued by forests. I wasnt scared but I should have been. Walking in I found a trail and decided it would be easier to follow it then to try and fight through the trees. I walked for hours and hours and time flew by. Before I knew it, it was night. Usually I would turn around and go home grieving because I wasted a whole day walking. But instead I continued. Around 9:30 is when I heard it. A huge noise it sounded like a whole building was picked up and dropped from 100 miles up. Instead of doing the smart thing and running away from the noise I did the idiodic horror movie thing and ran to it. What I saw was undescribable a huge creature astronomical. And It saw me.

To be continued 


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