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Trump said yesterday that the Soviet Union was totally justified in their invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 to fight terrorism.  Interesting that Putin is now pushing this  revisionist propaganda and Trump is backing him up. Any informed voter should now this truth: the Brezhnev Doctrine asserted the Soviet Union's right to prevent countries from leaving the communist sphere. It was a defining point of the Cold War. Why is Trump carrying Putin's water yet again? It looks like Trump doesn't even care that people can see Putin's arm up his ass. He is #Putin's bitch. Will the Republican leadership ever do the responsible thing and express outrage on his subservience to Putin? Oh, maybe it's all that Russian cash that flowed to McConnell, Ryan, the NRA, etc. Now I get it, they never will. Sad! 


  • So true!

    Jan 04, 2019

  • Scott Mcghie

    Scott Mcghie

    so true

    Jan 04, 2019

  • nailed it

    Jan 05, 2019

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