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"Northern regions China - no dynasty establish but feudal era after 1098 cir. "

Hitomu has entered the time of disturbance with clans surrounding village who renounced their armies into different lords.

It was fall and leaves turned to crisp shape. The colors of red and orange outlined a beautiful China region reformed. The land has never been siege with disease nor monsoon so long. The villagers in the northeast region "Left Arms of Lord Hitomu Baton oolong ' felt at ease but still protect their lands with a brick wall separated Lord Shin Maori northwest part of the land. He too still greedy and wants to claim all the land. He rage war onto the other side and that's during Hitomu was on way there. He awaken up and saw himself on the ground.

"What the devil am I at?!" He said turn to his side. He coughs heavily and struggle to get to his knees. "This whole scenery look like a war been going on. In fact , it was horrible.  The air Smokey from fire and debris. The ground covered in footprints. "

His red brown eyes scanned everywhere as he gets on his feet. Still he can slightly hold his balance. "Ok, let me check my self in this disposition.."He felt his self and touch a patent red armor on him then he look  down too.

"There a symbol on here and two arms with face look like mines..so I must been war with the enemy of this country. I better find my men then.."

He walks around and found a horse near a tree. He seen a beauty of course. A brown female thoroughbred and he hopes on it. " I remember learning to ride a horse at grandfather dojo. Gideuopp!" He yells and kick the horse . It skids fast and he holds on tight to the rope and the horse, he saw helmets and debris further he go.

"I cannot make out who these men belong too but I find one.." He hurried and listen to the winds as he hurdles through the hill and down the fields of crops.  He went into town and the civilians happy to see thier lord alive .

He smiled at them and just bashful at such audiences. 'I never seen such crowd for me but this is different time and place. Back at school, they never be too close to me"..he said to himself  as he just waves at them and he calms his horse. He look around for a civilian to talk to him.

"Hello all, I have an question to ask.." He said in his other world dreamy determine voice and he eyes the group of civilians and bunch of younger females too.

"I know we went through this war to protect our side of the homeland from this enemy..." He thinking as he tries to not confuse them and have them catch on to his memory be lost.

"Ahh yes my lord, our enemy whose lord shin Maori." One of the males attendant spoke bluntly as he come through the crowd and so amazes at thier lord returns. 

"Heh great honest impermeable man there..."He throws out acknowledgment to the estranged man and look at him as he hold his balance. " yes, our enemy Lord Shin Maori who greedy be famous and wise with his land and tries to take ours will not take ours. I be there to stop him !!"

The crowd hailed praises at the Young lord Hitomu and he let,himself enjoying the moment because he never been accept for who he is in high school. The students since 9th grade knows he have noble person in his family.  they seen him as outside who has no resemble to his own blood. Seeing the other way in his dreams,it like him desired his life in a different time.

"Thank you all..." he replied honestly to the beloved crowd as he look away and studied the village. It seem more established with refine bamboo roofs and iron frames. The road is like very cultivate clay and dirt .

'So civilization is getting more modern by my dreams." He said quietly to himself to civilian raised her hands and his eyes look about. 

"Eh Yes,madam?" He pointed to the fair beauty with black narrow eyes and pale skin wearing her ordinary custom. 

'Sir no disrespect to you but our lord has been in war with the same enemy. Many times he visit us in hours of our freedom."

Hitomu became stunned and didn't really know, what the Young lady mean by it. So he made something up to make her be speechless. 

"If that so you speak then you all must know myy spirit never dies and always bring you hope. My body is bare weak but the heart of me is here with all.."

Many civilians games onto the image of their great lord spirit and always put it in their memory. He stares at the sky and know one thing for sure,Shin back in his current life have a secret that can end their friendship for good.  He looks back at his people.

"I am just go and return to my body. Do place aid,if my men return injured to tend to them. Also,  the winds of power may be famed with lord Maori but he won't be remember for his lordshipp.."

He placed his hands on his chest and strolled off as his civilians continued to cheer him on and he went back to the site of the war. He got off his horse walked around and check helmets and down the hill, he spotted a body. He jogs and seen the man struggle to get his strength Back.  Hitomu lift up the man head with his hands.

"Solider at ease." He said calmly as the man eyes stays open for moment and the man smiled weakly. 'Are you well?" He asked the man.

"No merely death upon me."  The man coughs up hot air and Hitomu covered his own mouth. He takes deep breaths and soothe the man struggle. 

"How many man have died and where did Lord Shin Maori go?!" He said tend to the main pain.

"Half of the millions but lord shin has to many defense. He planted his markers a mileage of our borders..."

"I  understand. " he sympathize and massage his warrior to  comfort. 

"What Are you going to do ? You don't have many man..."

Lord hitomu looks at the wounded warrior and smiled that warms a heart up. "I am going to face our nemisses and take him down. I may not be alive,I will return as spirit."

The man nodded and passed away. 

It hit lord Hitomu hard that time he spent anywhere gatherings count on him. He covered all over history and without his greeat frandfather continue events wouldnt happen. He for fact has to face the real shin whom exists problem in his timeline.

He chosen to gallop the hills to challenge Lord maori. He mounts his horse just before barrier. He gets off the horse and step past the red black flags. His eyes grinned with vengeance but the windy air blews lord Maori golden blonde hair on the otherside reveal himself.

"SHINN!!" he says sarastic. 

Lord Hitomu in my territory, are you hear sign your deathwish too?"


"Then prepare to die..." as lord shin takes out his sword and run to Hitomu,he check his pockets and found a dagger. He blocks Lord Shin attacks and go in for the cut but Lord Shin too defensive. He back away. 


"If you must know, it none of your business."

Lord shin aggregate and charged aggressive and missees as hitomu move out of the way. He bumps his back on something and waken up. His grey eyes look up at the sky as it loose sunlight.

"I better get going 


He gets up and start walking till small foot steps paced up the dirt. He stops and hear a female breathe hard. He turn around and see the girl from earlier. 

Hajiuru ,why you come out here?"

"I want to apolgize and ask for favor." She said

"A favor?!.." he go off his head think about 


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