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Most complicated question for me to answer. I don't know anything about his arrival nor is there any proof that he would or might arrive but I feel he should arrive because we all of us so far after having countless man made gods, idols and things, we still feel we are in a hell. No human would get even a glass of water free if he or she is in helpless condition on the streets. We aren't feared in helping strangers but we don't know who is good and bad? That's why even after crimes are committed in front of our eyes we remain silent without reacting to that and have led our lives from many years like this, say from my birth, even my parents have also taught me the same, so I guess might be if LUCIFIER arrives he would bring some oasis for our dying dreams which we are dreaming from many years. To be Frank I have lost faith on all the man made gods idols and things, I trust no one except ALMIGHTY GOD Because of a desire that at least GOD would help me to see that world I have been dreaming from many decades of my births. 

1. Now I would say how would it be if suppose by chance Satan arrives. How would we know that LUCIFIER has finally arrived. 

2. Upon his arrival no trumpet sound in skies is heard, no sounds, songs nor rain of flowers or anything would be heard nor seen. Everything would be the same as it is now but human life and other creatures life will keep on changing day by day. 

3. The roads we travel would daily see many people with physical disorders increasing more and more on the streets. This people's are the signs of LUCIFIER's entry, it's increasing ratio shows how powerful he is growing day by day. 

4. Along with this all the churches including satanic, temples and other religious places would see its demise and people praying like Islamic people in open space to ALMIGHTY GOD would increase irrespective of any color and the castes nor creed and communities would go unnoticed and all the people would be made to mingle with each others against their wishes. 

5. The increasing number of physical disorder people will die with many diseases till their sins getting washed here on this planet and as said there is no heaven or hell except the kingdom of ALMIGHTY GOD that would be witnessed by our eyes if we are lucky enough to be alive till then. 

During this time the burying of people in coffin, graveyards would be prohibited and all the peoples, creatures of any types should be burned to ashes by the people and their groups who first witness the dying person. If they fail to obey the orders they would be punished by ALMIGHTY GOD'S law as written by LUCIFIER, the Lord of utmost all the sins of the universe. 

We can expect more than what I have written. It is just a imaginary assumption but can't guarantee that it wouldn't get fulfilled because no matter what ever the matter be and how big the quarrel might be but when it is the matter of ALMIGHTY GOD and HIS dignity, a SATAN definitely won't back. 

As the faithful slave of ALMIGHTY GOD and as the RESPONSIBLE FORCE TO SAFEGUARD THE INTERESTS AND THINGS OF ALMIGHTY GOD, we never would know when, where and how LUCIFIER has already stepped on this earth, it is time evident to see would at least he would keep up his promise with ALMIGHTY GOD or not, let's see it. 

Is it LUCIFIER or other man made gods, saints, idols or things or what ever it is, let's watch it? 


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