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                   You have been a part of a world, mostly undiscovered. What you hold in your mind is limited to the vastness out there. The greatest of things tend to happen beneath the fastooned lights and billboards, not as exciting, but these places exhuberate the silent power hiding behind plain walls, dimly lit in daylight, and as you walk the corridoors further in, they carry an eerie darkness and as the seasons change, your soloism becomes visible. the great waiting of winter and summers and their emassary's of rain and snow, the shadows become a time keep as the days turn into night, and your time slips by unknown as it is all the same. There is a beauty uncovered by the aloneness you live in, and that you share with the ocean wAves you awaken to when the sun rises, and with the wind - when the days get cold - it opens you up to a webbing connection to a life - and a romance is born to you through your attention. Where you sit, you ponder over the past and wonder who else was here, the memories obscure, but life in the narrow passages walked; maybe by old ones, maybe by children. As the natural sounds, sights glow, wither and fade on their times, you see the dancing lovers, the kitchen bustling in steam, in their directions out the doors, waiters in white suit jackets laying tables, and harbringers of good news brought to the quaffed haired ladies who are perfumed. At times only lay the stillness, a building so bare, you feel the presence only of the demon hawking behind your back. 'I chose this life' a familiar tune rings in the empty hall beyond your bed. You dreamed a day of the passing ships beyond the mist. Your eyes trail the rocks boardering the interlocking salt water, your hands cold and unfilled, your chest exposed to the landscape without an embrace. You  turn to your now abode, the windows like little eyes peering black back at you, Your imagination this is not, and you saunter towards him in reverence. A promise was made, and you would not in your age fight against the hours, and You unveil the night, and you push the shutters across the glass till the dawning comes once again.


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