Wait ✋ Werewolves Are Real???!!!. Read Count : 17

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Nicole's pov

She was walking through the woods irritated with Her parent's who were Always trying To lecture Her like they didn't have A five-year Old A three-year Old And A 8 year old to worry About she was 18 year's Old And she could make Her own decisions Suddenly The Fine Hairs on the back of Her neck stood up just before She looked Behind Her And Saw A Red head Man turn From A human to A huge Black wolf she screamed In fear As he let out A Blood curling growl saliva dripping From sharp fangs His eye's Glowing A creepy Red she started running knowing she couldn't outrun A Wolf she could Hear him running after Her his paws Hitting the ground When she looked behind Her she saw the Most sexy Man she'd seen in Her 18 year's Of life shift into A huge Brown wolf and jump on his Back ripping His head Of When the other wolf Hit the ground She was in A state Of shock she couldn't Believe what she'd seen that werewolves were real The sexy Man shifted Back to his human form And Asked in A sexy Ass deep bone melting Voice Are you okay beautiful??? She could only nod her Head in A state Of shock Then Her whole Body started Shaking Hard.

King 👑 Jordan's pov

Teleporting Over to his beautiful And long Awaited Human Mate he swung Her into His arm's before kissing her forehead to soothe her Then He said shh your safe now My love He Was grateful To His Faye power's That Had shown Him that Mate was in danger From The Feral Werewolf He teleported them To His Kingdom He Saw his Mother rushing over with concern in Her beautiful light Brown Eye's Let's take Her to the hospital She said meaning The kingdoms Hospital where His little sister Jane was The doctor He nodded looking down at His beautiful Human Mate who'd fallen to sleep He teleported over To the Hospital where His little sister was waiting for them let's get Her into the bed she told him quietly.

Olivia's pov Several Hour's Later

What do you mean she hasn't been missing long enough to file A report she snapped at the cop??? ma'am I'm sorry But your daughter Has to Be missing for A whole 48 hour's He said with sympathetic eye's She looked At her husband Corey who she knew was as Worried As she was as he led the cop out their Cabin guilt filled Her their eldest child was so Very Headstrong just like Her grandmother Jamie Her mother She didn't like the fact she'd started shoplifting At the Age of 13 And having sex smoking and partying a year later But she needed to know her baby girl was safe And now they Had to wait 48 whole Hour's she went upstairs and checked in on their 18 year old son Noah who was sleeping soundly then on their five-year old daughter Dakota And 3 year old little Girl Lucy Both who were sleeping soundly As well in their mutual Bedrooms She knew she wouldn't rest easy until they'd Found Her daughter she went back downstairs where She found Her Husband drinking Rum and coke she made herself A drink very Quickly Before sitting next to Him at their kitchen table She felt the drink immediately relaxing her And took Her husbands hand into her own.


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