The Forest Read Count : 7

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

Once every 210 years a magical forest opens up for anyone to see but only special people will gain magic. So one day a little boy named Francis was walking to school and he heard a little bell headed towards the forest and so he walked in to the forest for about ten minutes and looked everywhere but found nothing until a little troll and a talking rock showed themselves and at first the boy didn't know what to think or even do so he said hi to them and then they said you are the special one and he thought what are they talking about but he asked what their name where and the trolls name was Rosie and the rock was Ryan and the boy asked where they came from but the troll knew that if she had told him she would be kicked out of her village the rock just said the ground and started to laugh so the boy laughed with him the troll told Francis to follow her so he did not knowing the troll was evil and she led Francis in to a trap he was stuck in a ditch for days then a giant found him and the he could cook him for lunch and Francis sat there and cried for awhile and the giant asked him what was wrong and Francis told him he didn't want to be eaten so the giant didn't eat him and they talked for days and days and as time went by they became friends the years went by and Francis's parents never went looking for him and he stayed with the giant and lived with fariys and goblins and all sorts of magical creatures as he grew older he wished for a wife and so he left the forest and found one and brought her back to the forest after a couple of years they had a baby and her name was Isadora she was the prettiest girl in the land everyone fell in love with her 


  • Jan 06, 2019

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