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   There are often many people who lose their parent's at a young age. Most of us with families were often led into believing they are given to other loving families, but this is far from the truth. What I am about to reveal in these pages is the "true dark side" of the United States Foster Care system. Some of the details may be graphic, but all are factual. In the United States of today 1480 enter the Foster care system per year. There are approximately 428,000 children in these services. Not all go to proper families though.

   Over 3,000 children a month in the Foster System report having been sexually assaulted by the Foster Parents. What makes this a serious issue is the fact that most of these calls go unanswered until an outsider gets involved. In some cases, people getting involved have been extorted through legal challenges.

   Another major issues in the United States, is medical kidnapping. Medical Kidnapping, is the hospital taking control of a child against their parents will. They often refuse to let the parents see the children, and are responsible for getting Child Services involved. In some of these children's conditions, while I'm at the hospitals under their supervision the Children's Health deteriorated rapidly do to irresponsible treatment of the children, and misdiagnose immense on the hospital's behalf. Ever since 2014 there have been at least 1000 of these cases, where children have died in the hospital's negligent care.

   In the particular response of medical kidnapping, I'm happy to report the that there has been judge rulings during Obama's era which has staved this type of problem. However, this continues in several states and must be stopped. The medical organization taking a child from its parent, should only be done in the most gravest of circumstances. They should also be involved with that child's doctor whenever they're diagnosing an issue.

   There are outright despicable acts in the United's States, which has gone on barely checked for far to long. In the United States, child trafficking is worse than what some people would think. Particularly on border states, such as those which are connected the Mexico, Canada, or the ocean, have been known to sell children to pedophiles, slave, slave farns, and even for research.  There has been only a small bit of progress but there are people who have been charged.

   Several years ago, there had been cases where Foster children had been sent to hospitals and medical asylums where they were used as guinea pigs. One particular story of a man, who was sent to a place such as this spoke of the experiments. Many of these children were made out to be liars until reporters took interest in these places and pushed to shut them down.  He was twelve at the time in the 1970's and this was his story he told me.

   "I was a boy at the time, and been in the foster center a boy a year. I had been in and out three or four homes. A man showed up and donated A lot of money to the home and said he would "take me in."

   I remember we stopped to eat in a small town at a diner. I knew I had felt tired, but than I dropped the cup. I was dizzy, and he helped me into the car. He laid me down, and looking back I think he had drugged me somehow. When I woke up, I was in some kind of hospital. I lost track of the days, but I remember men coming in when I started crying or screamed. One of them restrained me while another one used an old fashioned Chloroform mask. They did this on several occasions, it's a miracle I wasn't killed by it. Looking back, I was scared and after I had been freed, and nobody believed me. I never had a family, I went into the army at 17. I lied about my age. What's really scary, I have no idea what they were doing to me at all." - A Survivor in Tears.

   This man wasn't the only one from this age, as this occurred throughout many years as the beginning of America. The homeless children, and foster children were thought to be worthless to the population. They were abused, misused, and forgotten about. For years the foster care system, has been caught selling children to research markets. This in itself proves, that there is possible horror if a child should go in. And in most cases, some of the children never go out as several thousand die a year in the system. Many go unreported, while some children died under mysterious circumstances or go missing. Is this the possibility, that there are still institutions such as the one that this Survivor described? We need to know oh, and we need to stop it.

   It is unfortunate today, to say at the very least that the system is rigged against the children. During Clinton's Administration, he enacted a bill which made it worse. By giving bonuses, to the people of the foster care system, they stopped caring about the children even more. They started taking children for inappropriate reasons, and with the legal challenges of them not having to show why it has gotten progressively worse. It's fortunate to say though, now judges has become a little more skeptical of trusting CPS and DCFS.

   The main point of this being to inform you of some of the things going on right underneath your nose, you should be more aware of the system and how it's being abused. Child care system, is not the only system which is in shambles. It is up to us, the people of the United States to fix the problems of the United States. Instead of trying to blame people for what's going on, we should be trying to remedy the situations before us. If our leaders truly care about the future of the country, they should care about the children of the country.


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    This is one reason I want to build Sunstone Lodge.

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    I am shocked to read this. It's sad how children are harassed by such people.

    Jan 04, 2019

  • Great information and I have a surprise for my another friend satanopediaology.

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