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Chapter 2


8:00 am

-Bone Head's Universe/ Point Of View-

Why? Sora why? Oh my God! Why did you had to say that your the girl of dreams? I hate this. This kind of reminds  that girl from Valentine's day.


Last Year

Behind the school

3:00 pm

I take deep breath as I walk to her. This might be the most normal thing I ever done in my whole life.

"Hey..." until I said that, her whole face turn into a of disgust. I saw her hold the gifts I gave her. Just some flowers and chocolate, I tried everything within me to not eat them when I bought them.

"You?! Ugh! Of all people, why did it had to be you?" This girl was the only person in my school who actually talks to me, even though she's mean.

"Sorry disappointing you then... it wasn't my plan to be hated by almost everyone." I didn't had since I was kid, or now. Everyone didn't like me, humans and monsters alike. Humans don't like me cause my red eyes. Monsters don't like me cause of my creepy expressions.

"If you think I could ever like you. Than your surely mistaken. No one will ever love you, EVER!" She tells me this while throwing the flowers and box of chocolate. I wouldn't care less about the flowers, the chocolate on other hand. I snatched them before they got slammed to the ground.

"I never gave you theses because over some pitiful reason as love. I gave you theses as word of thank you, I even wrote it on my letter. Besides that your not really my type." she steps back in shock, she had no idea what to say or react.

"Thank you? For what?" She questioned me. I stared at her and chuckled a little bit before answering.

"Thank you... for being the only person that talks me honestly." She eyes widen. When people do talk to me, they are always afraid. But she wasn't afraid of me, guess that was only reason why I was drawn to her.

After that her dad found us a gave me beaten. She done nothing to stop him, but she was crying. But why?

I walked home beaten to a pulp and eating the chocolate that were thrown at me. Well I might of not got a girlfriend or even a friend that day, but at least I got some delicious chocolate. And that enough for me to cheer my day anytime.


The most relating thing about then and now. Is that fact that girl and Sora, they both have red hair and blue eyes. But girl's eyes were a more darker shade of blue, unlike Sora's light blue eyes. They both talk to me without fear, and they have both same interests. Like jokes... annoying but yet it's kinda cute in a way.

The major differences would be they're personality and how that they see the world. The girl had calmed persona, when anything tragic happens. She seems to act like it's any normal day. But two or three days afterwards, she'll world cry out of the blue without noticing it. That why people call her 'Late Reaction' because it didn't matter how fast she is when it came to answering questions or blocking hard blows. When it comes to her emotions, that takes time.

Sora on the other hand, she almost the complete opposite. She has a wild personality. She one of those people who lives life to the fullest. She still cheerful even if life was absolute hell. But none of that never stop her from having the time of her life. But when she cries, it's like the joy area just disappeared out of thin air. And then I can feel this huge weight on my shoulders and the more she cries, the more weight gained on my shoulders. Then I would try everything I can just to make smile, even if a little smirk would be fine.

The girl see everything as puppets, always manipulated by another. And there is nothing we can do about it. That probably why she didn't help me that day, because if you cut strings. You cut your life.

Sora see everything as if it was water and fire. One more than the other and everything goes off balance. She once said to me.

'we, all life. Are one of the same, so weak, so fragile. Overwhelmed by power and we break. Overwhelmed by fear and crack. That is everyone's fate if choose the not righteous. That's why everything must be fair, everything must be equal. Even if you live a world of foul sins and cruelty. You must see when there is bad there is good. And you can't see what's good until you understand what's bad. That way your life can be up lifting. And you can see as much as I can.'

It kind of surprised me when she said though things. I never thought of her to be so self-centered and wise.

All of that aside. Through most of the morning. Everyone got to know Sora more, they now she is ninja, the fact her parents are gone, how she was a test subject and even told them about her older brother and why she scared by the colour pink.

But she shouldn't told them that she killed before...

For that I wracked her on the head, as a lesson for saying stuff like that. She groaned in pain, but I don't care it was her fault. Then we started to argue, my mom tries to stop us. But that failed. My little siblings were just cheered, hoping that we would duked it out right then and there.

And that what we did. To prove whose right we... arm wrestle!


8:30 am

-Sora's Point Of View-

When we stop talking, we start wrestling. Arm wrestling...

I use my left arm as he use his right. We didn't do count down, when we'd held hands it started like a firecracker. I instantly pushes me to the side with a lot of focus. But I haven't got knocked over yet. This guy is trying to finish me off already, usually he would wait.

He probably to prove to his family he stronger than me. Which he is, most of the time. Don't know how concerning he is lazy 24/7. Wonder why he so strong? Then again he did chock a kid to death with his bare hands.

Anyhow, as I slowly lifted my arm back up, I might not see his face under that mask. But I can tell he worrying that he'll lose.

That's one your worst mistakes, I let loose a little then with all strength.

"Giving up already? Haft tramp" Bone Head mocked.

"You wish, little man!" I said as won!

I didn't just beat. Oh no no no! I literally sent him flying. He hit his head through the door into the kitchen. It was glorious, seeing him in a pile of defeat.

"HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! The sweet taste of victory! Never thought it would actually taste bitter, oh wait no that's just guilt."

I laugh as I reach out my hand towards him. He snickered and grab my hand. Pulled him up, he dusted himself. We just stare at each other until it got awkwardly quiet then we just laughed. Everyone were so confused, so both of us explain to them that stuff like that is what we call actually normal.

Got to admit Bone Head is stronger in real life then a dream. But still, how in logic or super natural does that make sense.


9:20 am

-Bone Head's Point Of View-

Recovering from Sora arm wrestling. I hear heavy foot steps from upstairs. I then looked at Sora, she seems to hear it too. She had a odd expression on her face. She then turns to me and asks.

"Bones... you said your dad is a skeleton, right?" I nodded yes. She then turns back staring at the ceiling and then back to me again.

"Is his bones made out of bricks?" After she said that it came clear to me. She found it weird how a skeleton can have heavy foot steps. Now I get it. My siblings and mom just giggled at Sora's confusion.

"No. It's just the magic within him that shape his inner form. And like any fatso if doesn't do anything all day, eats a lot and presto you got yourself a very heavy skeleton." I explained to Sora, but she got haft of it concerning that kept asking specific questions. To be honest it was very irritating. I sighed and place my finger on her lips.

"...Magic... it just magic, got it. Now can we please end this conversation before give me another headache." She looked at me frowning. I removed my finger from her soft lips. Then she spoke again.

"Y'know... you could've just said you didn't know, right? You didn't have to act so mean." I flushed with embarrassments, she again made a fool out of me in front of my family. I pause before walking into the guilty corner and think what I did.

Sora place a hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me. Then sat behind to me, laying against my back. She then sang a song, a song I know to well. She used to sing it all the time while we were in the dream.


Steven Universe: Here Comes A Thought


Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust

Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust

Here comes a thought that might alarm you

What someone said and how it harmed you

Something you did that failed to be charming

Things that you said are suddenly swarming

And, oh, you're losing sight, you're losing touch

All these little things seem to matter so much

That they confuse you

That I might lose you

Take a moment, remind yourself

To take a moment and find yourself

Take a moment and ask yourself

If this is how we fall apart

But it's not, but it's not, but it's not, but it's not, but it's not

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay

You've got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here

[Bone Head:]

Here comes a thought that might alarm me

What someone said and how it harmed me

Something I did that failed to be charming

Things that I said are suddenly swarming

And, oh, I'm losing sight, I'm losing touch

All these little things seem to matter so much

That they confuse me


That I might lose me

Take a moment, remind yourself

To take a moment and find yourself

Take a moment and ask yourself9

If this is how we fall apart

But it's not, but it's not, but it's not, but it's not, but it's not

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay

I've got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here

And it was just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay

We can watch, we can watch, we can watch, we can watch them go by

From here, from here, from here

[Bone Head:]

Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust

Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust


There was a moment of silence until I spoke.



"One more song..."

"Hmm... okay, what's the song?"

"Do it for her from Steven Universe as well."

"Why did I even asked?"


Steven Universe: Do It For Her/Him

[Bone Head:]

You do it for him

 you would do it again

You do it for her, that is to say

You'll do it for him.


Keep your stance wide,

Keep your body lowered,

As you're moving forward

Bal-ance is the key

Right foot; left foot,

Now go even faster

And as you're moving backwards

Keep your eyes on me.



Keep my stance wide,

[Bone Head:]



Keep my body lowered,

[Bone Head:]



As I'm moving forward 

[Bone Head:]


[Bone Head:]

Don't you want him to live!?


Right foot; left foot

[Bone Head:]

Yes, but put your whole body into it!

Everything you have, everything you are

You've got to give–


On the battlefield

When everything is chaos,

And you have nothing but the way you feel, your strategy and a sword;

You just think about the life you'll have together after the war!

And then you do it for her,

That's how you know you can win,

You do it for her, that is to say

You'll do it for him.


Deep down you know

You weren't built for fighting,

But that doesn't mean

You're not prepared to try.

What they don't know

Is your real advantage,

When you live for someone

You're prepared to die.



Deep down I know

That I'm just a human

[Bone Head:]



But I know that I/you can draw my/your sword and fight


With my short existence,

[Bone Head]



I can make a difference,

[Bone Head:]

Yes, excellent!


I can be there for him

I can be his knight

I can do it for him


You'd do it for her

[Bone Head:]

Okay, now do that again


Yes, sir.

[Bone Head/Sora:]

You do it for her, and now you say:

I'll do it for him.


I finally turn around and saw my mom, my siblings and even my dad. They were all crying, I turn to Sora she had a huge grin on her face. But she was crying as well, she place her hand on my mask then said.

"Guess we are both crybabies, huh Bone Head?" That when it hit me, I was crying as too? But why? This happened in the dream when we made our promise, we were both crying.

I wiped my own tears away before saying. "No I'm not. I'm just allergic to emotional songs that's all." As Sora removes her hand she snicker which was kinda cute when she was crying, surprisingly. She then punch me on the shoulder and said.

"If that's the case, we should do more often. So at least your not so doom and gloom all the time. I bet it would make you more likeable to everyone too~" I was immediately punch her in face until she said that last bit. Would others actually like me? Maybe...

While I was drifting in thought, out of no where everyone was hugging me. Still crying, they were literally wetting me with their tears.


10:30 am

After twenty minutes of crying and in toxicity hugging. We all finish breakfast, got Sora stuff and just throw it in my room. Because we don't have guest rooms. After that I had a shower and Sora just change clothes, so we don't drag to much attention. After that we went out.

Now I'm showing Sora all of the places of my home town. She is wearing her typical red scarf, of course. She kept my matching jacket I gave her, that is kind of her. She wore dark  blue shorts with monster symbol on them. And finally she is wearing a purple shirt, it had a skull with huge smiley face. Her hair was even tied up, probably my dad's doing.

She'd looked beautiful...


11:38 am

-Sora's Point Of View-

I love my new look, I look so cute, and I think Bone Head too. We been so many different places, for so call small town it's has a lot attentions. I love it all. But what this place better would be a decent ramen shop.

I then felt a tug on my sleeve, I turn to Bone Head with a huge smile. Showing that I'm enjoying myself.

"Want get some ice cream, by the way don't question about the title. Okay?" He says while whispering the last bit in my ear. I nodded my head as yes along with a cheerful smile.

We then walked towards to a ice cream cart that says...'nice cream?' Now I know what Bone Head meant. As you already know I'm what you call the questioning type. If there something that doesn't really make sense, I get swollen by own curiousity.

I everything that's in me to not scream out the question. I try to distract myself but the monster kept talking to me and Bone Head. Then I couldn't hold it in anymore, but just in the nick of time I managed to asked a different question.

"Where did your delicious frozen treats from? If you don't mind me asking." That was a close save.

"Mine, mine don't we have a questioning type here. I don't tell much folks but I actually make these treats myself, but don't tell anybody, got it. Don't wanna people asking the secret to my nice cream." The monster says with kind smile, as he pass our ice cream to me and Bone Head.

"My lips our sealed, you can trust me sir." I say while also doing zipping lips action.

"Much thanks lil lady. Here for been so kind to me, no payment it's on the house." I was surprise by this. Not one person in my world would do haft the things here. I glad for Bone Head... for living peaceful place like this.

"Thank you so much, I don't believe I truly deserve this though. I kinda feel guilty for you just saying that."

The monster just kept smiling at us before saying.

"Your a lucky man, don't screw up. This one is differing a keeper for sure." I immediately blushed, did he think me and Bone Head... were DATING?!

But why does it sounds... nice. I can't think straight. If I don't cool off I'm going to melt my ice cream. I might as well, just eat my ice cream now before it becomes to hot puddle. So ate my ice cream before my hair turn into bright blue flames.

"Woh! A fire elemental, that's rare. Are y'all one of those weird hybrids I keep hearing about?" I just nodded my head and wrapped my arms around Bone Head. Out of embarrassment I hid my face in Bone Head's chest. Why did this had to happen now? Hope no one else is watching.


11:46 am

-Bone Head's Point Of View-

This is the is... extremely awkward, but I like in weird way. Sure we'd hugged like this before but that was dream. And most of all there is someone watching. All of this putting actuals chills down my spine.

But then I look down at Sora, even been literally on fire. She is shaking like is in the frost of arnica. She must've been embarrassed by what nice cream said. She like a little shy kitty cat. I need to comfort her, maybe petting her on the head would work.

Hastily, I pat her fire hair, it didn't burn. It felt warm and smooth. Petting her head gently, I also wrapped my arm around her waist and hummed a song. Her blue flames slowly turned into an more orange colour. Then to red, the flame turned into hair.

She stopped shaking. She pushed me away, still holding my hand tightly. I pat her and said with the most softest I could ever done.

"Are you alright..?"


Why? Why this? Why know? Do I love him or have I always loved him? I don't know. The way he said that so softly, it's making my heart melt.

I hate it. That I can't breathe from his smell. That I can't look at him with out blushing. That my heart won't stop pounding in my chest when he so close. I hate it, that what think but not I feel.

This sounds so cheesy, I should stop. I'll figure out these feelings on a later date but now I need to get through this day. I then grab his hair and messed it up a little, giggling.

"You dork! As you can see I'm perfectly fine. What he said really put me off guard, that's basically it."

I let go of this hair and gave cocky grin. He almost look like me with black hair and a skeleton mask.

"I get that, but did you really have to mess up my hair to put your point across?"

I just laughed at his hair. He whined but soon he then laughed too.

"You too are sure closed. That's a good thing. Sorry for getting in the middle of that." Said the monster.

"That's alright. Comes to the best of us. Well if you excuse us we have to go, have a 'nice' day. Thank  you for the free nice cream." I say while dragging Bone Head with me. He waved back saying to tell my friends.


11:59 am

-Bone Head's Point Of View-

It's just a minute till lunch. Knowing this I lead Sora a place call Grillby's. Before we got there Sora tugged my hand a bit. I almost forgot she was holding my hand. I turn to her, she was pointing at something. I turn to where Sora was pointing and saw that girl again. That girl from Valentine's day.

Bunch of questions flooded my head. Then I saw her with another guy... I felt hurt and yet I accept it. Maybe I did like but didn't realize until now. That doesn't help anything. I turn down at Sora, that's right. I have Sora in my life now, I don't need that girl anymore.

I ripped from Sora grip and place my hand on her waist. She was surprise but she didn't really do anything to stop me. In fact Sora got closer and whisper in my ear.

"That's the girl, right?" I nodded.

"Let's make her jealous, you always liked revenge." I nodded with a heavy chuckle.

This will be fun...





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