Pregnant By A Werewolf. Read Count : 23

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic

Eva's pov

It was very crowded in the club and she sat at the Bar enjoying A nice cold margarita She'd been there For just A few minutes Drinking and thinking About What she had planned for Her 3rd grade students On Monday As a surprise Suddenly she got the feeling she was being Watched And Her blood seemed to Be heating Up she looked Around locking eye's with The Most sexy Man she'd ever layed eye's on Like A moth to A flame she Felt drawn to Him even across the Room feeling A instantaneous Attraction And A soul Deep connection To Him she knew she had to go and introduce Herself To Him she wanted Him And she'd Have Him with determination She got to Her feet And walked Boldly over To Him when she reached him she said Hello sexy my name's Eva Lisa Malone what's yours??? He gave Her A bone melting pantie dropping smile saying Well hello beautiful My Name's Ethan Vincent Williams He smelled delicious like woodsmoke pine chocolate peppermint Sage hazelnut And Cranberries Well let's get out of Her sexy she purred seductively grabbing His Big rough Hand She felt the most delicious Sparks That she'd Ever felt And she couldn't wait to get Him alone the thing's she wanted To Do to him they left out of the club she'd came In A cab 🚖 So they Took His Car.

King Ethan's pov

His beautiful Human Mate moaned His name As He shoved Himself inside Of her dripping wet pussy And He moaned Her name as well his wolf Hunter was growling mine's mine's mine's Mate Mate Mate inside Of his head As he suckled On his Mate's beautiful pink tipped nipples Like A starving Newborn pup He could smell she was in heat along With Her intoxicating Smells of Coconut vanilla ginger honey Strawberries And Rose's It felt Amazing she was everything that He'd ever imagined That His Mate And Queen 👑 Would ever Be And He couldn't Wait to build A life With Her He knew that His whole family was Going Happy For Him And that they'd Love his Mate.


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