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In my time parents came in pairs
Except for death -there was no divorce
My dad died when I was six
It just struck me—I don’t remember EVER saying “My Dad” 
I remember very little about him
For in those days”We don’t talk about it” 
I grew up as a normal kid though I 
did get some “slack “ from the neighbors when getting caught doing 
what kids do 
The only time I felt different was when we went to school assemblies 
They always played “My Country Tis Of Thee” at the beginning 
I would always cringe in my seat  in 
fetal position when “ land where our fathers died”

My mother was already a working woman and now was raising my thirteen
year old sister and her six year old son
She was a garment worker now charged with all the household expenses
A difficult task for a single mother in the economy of the forties 
Yet- I never felt deprived for food or clothing and I knew she wouldn’t  accept charity 
She was very politically active and was able to juggle that along with her other
She was caring and concerned-stern when I was out of line but never physical or out of control 

When we graduated high school she was able to provide for our additional 
education although in my case I was granted an athlete scholarship after my  
first year
I have always been amazed how she was able  do all this and she set a great
role model example for both of us

Years later when my first child Marc  
Was born was the first time just I began
to learn and understand what being a father was all about
My education continued with  the birth 
of my daughters Kara and Jodi

Then came the high point when Marc’s
wife Mercedes gave birth to Bianca
My child became a father  WOW

I look around today and see the multitude of single parents many doing
remarkable  jobs like my mom but many abusive seemingly uncaring and abandoning and feel blessed to have 
had a “lemons into lemonade “
growing up experiences
And my children  who raised beautifull
families are a testament to what I was given without realizing the impact later  in life along with my wife Phyllis we can
relish our good fortune


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