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My hearts a grenade.  With its pin pulled out and I am left alone grasping it.

My chest is the unknowing ground zero for what's to come.

 And I am helpless,

That is what falling in love feels like to me.


I count the countless  steps between us and start sending silent prayers to a God I don't believe exists, in some last ditch efforts to  send in obstacles  to slow this down...

I am shaking, yet I am shackled down unable to move.  Locked inside a still frozen moment.

I can feel the timer ticking through my viens and the ripples under my skin like a crawling infestation of unknown hoards. As I await the moment of combustion everything feels like it is moving in warp speed around me.

 I see flashes of sound and I can taste the metalized rythm of coins in my pocket.

6 steps more.

I begin thinking. I think to much. I think to much about thinking to much. I think about thinking about thinking to much that I over think and I panic because  I miss counted and you are

4 steps away.

I  am going to die. Every last piece of me will be shattered and spread across a vast ocean that holds my vessel on uneven waves. My stomach hurls itself onto the inner wall of my being and I lurch and crash, yet remain unmoving to the onlooking eye.


3 steps.

I begin drowning

And I hope that it short circuits the wiring And disables this time bomb that has been forcibly buried inside my chest cavity and is slowly  killing me with a fire passion! So I look up.

2 steps.

 You are right there staring at me snd in the moment before you take your seemingly innocent left leg and put it down and begin to destroy the universe I have built. I pulse.


1 more step

 When you put your seemingly innocent left leg down. I feel every rib break and my chest heaves I see all that I was made up of cascading around us as I pull you into the blast. Our bodies becoming one and becoming everything and everywhere all at once.

 1 second exactly before  what seemed like an eternity ; Cloaked in something far longer and bigger and wider, something more dangerous and vibrant.

We see an entire life from begin to end.  And as the earth  faded away from us and the stars took  on shapes and shadows, floating around us like a tyrant on a mission who had just won the war.

The rubble is all that is left.

The nothing that we were alone

Was somehow a glorious  display for every to see and witness.


Leaving only behind a simple look from far away and a tiny pin...


  • Dec 21, 2018

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    The images you reveal are breathtaking It is magnetic writing holding me to the end Wonderful and thought provoking

    Dec 22, 2018

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