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I'm sitting here with a pen in my hand trying to gather my thoughts in order to write them down in a way that I'll understand.

There's something about being able to write down what I'm thinking & feeling that lifts the weight of life off of my shoulders & helps me to feel like I'm in the process of healing.

I often think about the fact that I'm soft-spoken & standoffish. I ask myself what it is that's holding me back from speaking my truth & stepping out of this darkness. 

It's like I don't know how to cope with life. I'm definitely not saying that I have the desire to die, but what I am saying is that I yearn to truly live & feel alive.

I think about what my purpose is for being here, but the answer doesn't always reveal itself to be clear.

I'm not begging for attention from anyone or anything. I really don't want it or think that I should always be in need of it, but my choice to speak on things like this can't completely be explained. I guess I just feel a deep connection with myself when I begin writing. It's a beautiful kind of pain.

I feel guilty whenever I say how I truly feel. Maybe it's just because I'm not quite used to it. I feel as if I am supposed to keep it to myself for the sake of my loved ones & stay positive.

Maybe that's why I fall so hard when I realize that things are getting tough; I keep so much buried deep inside of me that it all gets dug up at once when I feel as though I've had enough.

As I'm writing this,  I feel like I'm getting it all out; even if it's not coming directly from out of my mouth. I don't know how long this feeling of being somewhat at peace in my life will last, but I'm grateful for the time being & at least I can say that I'm alright for now.

Write What You Feel. By Natasha Moran (ReneeRose/ReRose🌹🥀)


  • Dec 21, 2018

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