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So after a long gap somehow I have managed to return back to the outlet and all this time i was searching for the truth and even after repeated attempts got only those fairy stories which couldn't fascinate me because each one says his own stories and what's wrong in me writing my edition. Do I write for popularity? No. I write for seeking truth, i want to know the truth.

1. Now i was sitting in front of a adult movie and was wondering what were these guys doing? They were embracing, kissing and doing many nasty acts. For a moment I thought what will happen if they both don't collide instead go apart. What if both dont have any such desires? If they don't have harmonal effect and if they don't develop a feeling of oneness.

2. So that feelings in each one of us is the birth of LUCIFER himself. For instance if each one of us dont have such nasty wild desires then how would we express our love. If adam and eve would have stayed roaming like nomads in the garden of Eden where would have the species called humans and other creatures would have existed.

3. I desired to become a saint forsaking wordly desires but if any beautiful woman would cross me enticing me, is there any meaning in still following those fit for nothing saintly words and styles. Simply by wearing a dress, beads and by enchanting ALMIGHTY GOD name we can't totally forgot the essence of life.

4. LUCIFER introduced the term love and executed it. If HE wouldn't have lured eve and made her make adam eat the fruit would have we idiots ever known what is the art of love making? All the population is increasing due to HIS efforts and because of any other person. It is HE who showed the path of settled life to the wandering adam and eve. Can anyone imagine this earth without the act of LUCIFER?

5. For all the efforts of LUCIFER what we have given to HIM is just regrets, and all sorts of useless complaints. It would have been better if LUCIFER would have left adam and eve to wander in garden of Eden without helping them. All those mouths which is taking the names of other saints and gods instead of ALMIGHTY GOD wouldn't have come nor would have seen their light of life on this earth.

We humans are always the most disgusting and trustless creatures on this planet earth. We never had trust nor would we be trusted by anyone. It is always our tendency to forget the truth and to stick to false. We humans never do good for anyone nor would any place grow anything on those stamped by us. We are so useless and untrustworthy. That's why we are still struggling hard to even get a glimpse of truth and are getting drown deep in the fulfillment of materialistic desires of the world.


  • good but too much of place to lucifier

    Dec 20, 2018

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