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It was  normal  sunny day at Fumikoro High school in little town outside of japan. All of the students including last kin to Oolong descendants- Hitomu Skye Oolong attend his way to mathmatic class. Equations and formulas are not Skye  (hitomu) cup of tea. His grades in the last quarter suck and the school principal made him repeat this class in his sophomore year. He Did not like it in one bit.

"Damn!" He shouts "I am back in this pain of a God's class." His voice echoes as he slams his notebooks on his desk in room 204. He got the whole class looking at him weriod with his brown 'hello i just got out of bed today" hair and wrinkled t-shirt with no blazer but he managed to wear his sneakers in the teacher presecence.

"Well, what are you all looking at?" He stares down at each one of the students but the teacher Mr. Watashi glares at him. "What they were stare at me?"

He motions and shrugs his shoulder at the teacher but it does not amuse him whatsoever. So he kicks his desk and the girls in his classroom slipped to the backroom gossip. He turn around and about to have word with the girls till a hand reaches his shoulder. 

"What thhhee....?" He blanks out and look up foward and he sees his friend shin  in his black blazer with school official button down next to him.

"OH hey shin,how it going?"

Shin smile at him and then watch Hitomu reactions."I am good. Are you?"

"Yes,Yes..very good.."he says scan the room and then back at shin with his red eyes. He stop and said No more because Shin have not left yet.

"That is good because I heard you five doors down the hallway.." the boys friend said in melachoniois dark voice "now do you think that your legendary great grandfather be pleased with your behavior?"

The room dropped silent when Hitomu great grandfather be spoken in Hitomu presence. He breathe heavy and always panic after somebody call his actions out like Shin did. It his fault for not controlling his anger. He only has few relatives that do not mind him stay there but if word go out, he will not have a home.

The daily bubble around his grandmother and aunt place that his  father enlisted in war as general. He never came back from the war but he left a sword to his dear son ((Hitomu))  as a memory of him. Suddenly, Hitomu had to grow up quick to take care of his family but he complain about not have a normal life. His mother Miasma had died of worry herself to death. The poor lad Hitomu was heartbroken and moved with his aunt.

He thought long and hard but he couldn't risk another heartache.

"No i wouldnt think so." He replied and sits down in his chair. "I am just lost and try to fit everything in my life..' he looks at Shin with his red eyes shed a tear. 

"Awww.." the girls sympathize when Hitomu becomes emotional around his friend. "He really is that scary and he about to cry."

"WhaT?!" He over hearts the girls in the back but shin snap his fingers upfront. 

"Right, stay focus here.." He looks at front of the room and the teacher started writing on the board.

" So, this is what going on with you?"

"Yes, shin. It is."

"Well i do not want you to cry just yet. "

" Wwaitt, i just have allergies. " Hitomu rushes to dry off his tears with his hands but Shin got easily annoyed by it.

"Ok Mr wannabe tough, we talk at lunch. In the meantime, our childhood pal Sao made this tea for you." 

As shin explains, he placed the foam cup covered with plastic on Hitomu desk and smirked. "He really appreciate you drink his latest product."

"I can imagine his face now propped goofy and bubble fever around him"

(( flashback - Sao dressed in his usual black suit with apron on and black cat ears as an accessories in his maid cafe location. He always brimming with cheer and emottions.

The door opens up the bell rings, he looks up with his blue purple eyes and snowy white hair. "So did our grumpy lump of friend like my speciality?"")

"What would you say about his stuff?"

"Let me see " said Hitomu as he peel off the plastic takes a sip and then swallow it awfully. "It is a green tea with hisbscuiys. It could use some honey."

"Right or he could just finsh his studies like us.."  Shin go off as,if he about to burst out in cry .

"Jeez I thoughts, you were Mr. Tough . This is bit much."

"Yeah well,one of us have to pursue our dreams. "Shin space out of it and wiped his tears with his blazer sleeves. "It not like,we all have our own choices. "

"Well...I am pretty sure Sao in better arrangements. " he said as he listen to the first period bell rings.'i talk more at lunch."

Shin nodded and left Hitmou class as Hitomu stares at the cup. He still see the lingers memories of his childhood with Sao. He sighed and look at the chalkboard as the teacher go on about today lesson.  He finds himself writing a few note and then doodle on the next page till class over.

He gets up after bell ends class and grabs his note book. The teacher stop him at the door.

"Mr. Oolong, i don't mean to hover over your problems. At least, come to dress more efficiently as together."

"I understand Mr. Watashi. " 

He left his first class and girls in the hallway glances at him. One of them came up and try to say in his face,he not scary he a walking panda bear. He looks at the girl with her two ponytails and brown eyes. 

"Do not think for one moment, i am not tough. I show you scary. "

...please just excuse me.." the girl murmured and ran to her friends. He paid her none attention but notices him show off as soft guy did not leave impression he desired. He pick up his cell phone on the way to Art class and speed dialed his classmate Kazuki .


"Yes, this is Skye calling. "

"Oh how it going with the playbook?"

"How do you think, Kazuki? Terrible."

"Well, you are bit of cold and lost souls. I guess, your right. "

"Says you, i really want be popular. " said Hitomu 

"Then I guess,you need new tactics. You and Shin cannot even pull off one play already. Your hopeless."

"Whatever, i am go into Art class."

"See you around daydreamer." The phone hung up on the other line and Hitomu press off phone button in his hand. Quietly, he placed in his pocket and enter the class. He seen all the pretty girls and nerds sit in their seats. He jogged a memory of him and Shin play with their paint set as kid .

'We were so happy then." He says to himself as he sits in his seat and look out the window. "Outside world was our playground. In our parents home, mom really the best type and father loyal soft that he do anythn to protect us. Friends of my family be saying, he thought hard for the village. My parent used to live in small village long time ago and father grandpa fight darkness. I should be grTeful.."

"Ehh hello..." 

A voice spooked him out of nowhere grabs his attention. His fiery red eyes glance at the short stalk female in a blazer. He pulled his body to his chair.

"Yes, how can I help you?"he said abruptly but not interest to look the girl in her eyes. He look away at his desk.

"Well last times ,we do partner projects went kind of bad. All your paintings are dark."

He listens but really not care of what girl feels about him.

"And your point is.."

The girl play with her fingers and then said," Well Nobody like those painting. Can you try to paint something lite?"

He frozed and didn't even breathe.  "Nobody like those painting..".replayed over and over in Hitomu mind as he space out. The girl tried to touch him to see,if he dead. He flinched and grab his notebooks on his desk. 

Every one in the room saw him leave. He walk home and totally left Sao tea in the classroom. The teacher probably thrown out by now. He go through his anger phase and thank goodness, his aunt was not home yet. She be yelling at him too.


He says to Aunt Reika "I didnt feel like stay in class. " 

He lucky that she not there to throw pot and pans at him like yesterday.  He enters her cozy apartment and took off his shoes . He reaches the  small candle lit with frame of the deceased.

"I Sure need you all here with me."He shed tears almost interfere a candle being blown away. His back turn away and head to his room where he got volumes of fantasy women on the  floor. He slams the door and tossed notebook somewhere. End his day by pick a fantasy comic and read it, he daydream off into another world. 

To be continued....

Hitomu adventures Into another world. Unforntabely the babes of the era are like kind of horny or child barring thirsty..


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