Decepetive Doubts Read Count : 4

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Sub Category : Romance

Jules was a independent hirl in new york high.she was suspected by her teachers for overall care as she was ranked highest in school and won a full scholarship to Oxford university.before she could go she was asked by a boy named carl to meet him privakrly after class.this huge event changed her whole life.carl asked jules to go out with him and confessed and kissed her.jules tried to escape but carl was too strong.she coulfnt resist as he was her ex boyfriend.they both went home but carl didnt get his reply but se said she would think about it.

But she doubted carl as he was not the guy who really liked girls or even women but just ignored them.carl only feel for jules as she was very good looking and smart.they both helped each other with homeworks and they both got along very well.

Ch 2

Jules went to school and carl joined her during lunch and asked her to come over to his house after school.jules agreed and she went to his house only to know it was a suprise.carl got her a gift and it was a gold braclet.carl told the legend behind that braclet 

It can find true love with it.she wore the braclet but did not believe carl.jules said she was going home but carl grabbed her hand and pushed her in bed and they both slept together until morning time.jules went home and told her mom she needed to take a she went and had her bath and came back to her room with her dog billy playing with her.


  • Dec 31, 2018

  • Dec 31, 2018

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