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The silence is the effect. Violence raid our mind as it defects.

The conversation strokes as issue. We tend to see differences like tissue.

When it only made from trees and it all same as white  paper.

Why brought up as a great deal?

If ignorance is the actual fault, I blame others who do not hold their tongue.

Let alone,their values are not just.

You, me and everybody born from blood of jeuses feelings are going be hurt.

Then what, throwing up attitude to have others feel less because one or many seen their problems to be more important.

We known very well the state of our country is systematically troubled.

Money inflated atm,far less poorer than what the entrepreneur said in the books.

If thyself alone not rich now please be happy to live in America with few dollArs

Within few hours,  a life is without family.

He,she could be under no roof.

Starved for whom know why.

Set aside irony of mind.

Rally in peace,our livihood been deconstructed. 

There no other side of story.

Law and order reprimand your family. 


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    When we are able to understand that we are all of one race-the human race and all people will be judged by the “Content of their character” we and our children will be living in a far better world 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Dec 19, 2018

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