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Love is powerful,

Love is great,

Love is precious,

With the symbol 8,

Infinite love,

Is never below,

But above,

Is better just cuz,

Cannot imagine the power,

Without experience,

But with one flower,

Changes your appearance,

Complete change,

Isn't always the case,

But with needed help,

Will it be done with grace,

Poems and books,

Explaining the word,

Countless meanings,

Some still unheard,

Love is a storm,

It Could be horrendous,

But if you trust,

You will feel the must,

The powerful energy of love,

Hitting your soul,

Like a soccer ball,

That's hitting a goal,

It could be a game,

But not always,

It could be confusing,

Like a building with many hallways,

Am I confusing you reader?

Are are you a believer?

Make this discovery with me!

You'll be a big help indeed!

With all the interactions,

We'll sure succeed!

Love is life,

Love is living,

All in reality,

Even when your dreaming,

You're always feeling it,

When it's gleaming,

Maybe even,

When it starts screaming,

Now and then,

You must take a break,

This is indeed not a mistake,

Nothing can run smoothly forever,

Sometimes you just gotta let go of it altogether,

It may hurt,

It may not,

Depends if,

your heart is in a knot,

As I said,

It is confusing,

We'll never understand it,

Or get the full conclusion,

But what we can do,

Is take control,

Just like medicine,

Once it's enrolled,

You need a comparison?

Go on ahead then.

Love is like work.

After years of being hired,

You'll then have to retire.

It may not be your choice,

Will be sad,

It's  time to rejoice,

Will make you mad,

Now for a better explanation,

Experience it first hand,

If you can't explain it yourself,

Then make a demand,

Describe how you feel to someone close,

Be the conversation host,

Find someone trustworthy within your heart,

That's the best way to start.

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  • "I may bless your heart and soul so you can live a love life like you wish. With enough trust and hope within yourself, this blessing will be unlocked from its cage of doubt and immediately take place that very minute." - KARCBLOS

    Dec 19, 2018

  • Dec 19, 2018

  • Dec 21, 2018

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