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God is everything. Everything and anything. What you see, hear, know, love, care for, need...is god. He created all. He created man, to habit. He generated traits. All the lovely ones you admire. All the amazing ones you desire. All the ones that make you, you! Power within your beating heart and loving soul. Your capability to see the mythical sites made with his energy. Your ability to hear the sound waves of your average day. The physical movements of everything you see today. The gravity that keeps you away. Away from the harmful, never ending darkness of space. The time of day you see when you turn right now to look out your window. The moon and sunlight that either blinds or helps you threw the paths of society. The warm or cold temperatures keeping you from leaving your precious gift of life. You are eager to meet this figure. The god of all. Will you ever meet him? Will you be blessed with a harmony filled lifetime? A beautiful future with happiness and memories to prevent your uprising sadness for the rest of your being? Now, back to the question...will you ever meet him? The answer is...you already have. You have been blessed with the power invested in my heart and soul. Thank you for reading! Hopefully you enjoyed my love filled writing! Hope you are motivated and wanting to learn more! :)


  • "With all the energy invested in my being, I bless every soul that is eager to live our gift of life the best as possible!" - KARCBLOS

    Dec 19, 2018

  • you preach it! 👏

    Dec 19, 2018

  • good but I want to meet GOD, can you say, where HE is? what is HE doing? His modes of execution and so on.

    Dec 19, 2018

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