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I could hear my screams but they were faint as if they came from a great distance away.

Screaming pain shot through every bone in my body.

Blood, I could see blood streaming out in torrents around me forming a lake made of my own blood complete with little blood rivers running away from that. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that it would make a beautiful landscape, if it wasn't made from parts of me.

It seemed as if a hurricane was shrieking through my head and my slashed gut. It seemed as if it was trying to drown out all my thoughts.

In the distance I could hear the whine of am ambulance and for a second I had hope but then the sound faded away and all hope was lost.

I struggled to make my broken body keep breathing even though I knew it wouldn't matter in the long run.

My vision kept trying to go dark but I didn't want to go.

Not yet.

I couldn't die yet.

But I was.

But I had things I needed to do.

They needed me.

I couldn't die there not then not yet.

I had to get up.

But I couldn't.

All that I could do was scream and bleed and try to not get swallowed by the storm raging through my mind, try to breathe, try.

All I could do was try and it meant that I was dying and many good people with me.

Good men.

Good women.

Innocent children.

It wasn't fair.

I deserved to die sure, but they didn't.

Heck it was my fault that they were in trouble in the first place. So many good people had already suffered and died because of my mistakes.

And many more because I couldn't live long enough to fix them.

And the guy who was swiftly becoming my killer didn't even realize just how many he had doomed.

Not fair.

I finally try to do the right thing...

And I fail.


Just like I aleays do when I try to do anything but the wrong thing.

As I was thinking all of this my own pain didn't seem to hurt me as much.

I felt the pain of all those other people instead.

People I should've been able to save.

People that were dying.

And I could feel their pain.

A small child who had never experienced anything worse than a scraped knee before was being brutally tortured because of reasons he would never understand.

A new mother was in the hospital with her hours-old baby girl when the building exploded.

My best friend was trying to find me when he stumbled and fell over a cliff side, smashed on the sharp rocks below.

All my fault. None of this would've happened if I hadn't caused it.

Past, present, future.

I felt the pain of all the people I had advertently and inadvertently hurt and all who are hurting and will hurt because of me.

Not fair.

And not one damn thing I could do about it.


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