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Wondering soullessly along my mind

Making me seem futile and vain

Yet I cannot understand

Why am I in this pain?

People only have one shot

To prove who they can be

Yet, we cannot fully do that

With pain and it's immortality

Pain is contagious

As though it were a disease

It comes fast, spreads  and fades slow

Whenever it may please

We don't know why pain exists

Or why it sheds tears

It's an emotionally sharp shovel

That intends to dig at you for years and years


  • Blake Hench

    Blake Hench

    Beautiful, keep up the amazing poetry and insight

    Dec 19, 2018

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Pain as all other emotions is part of the human makeup-we know when we hurt but sometimes not why-when we can explore the possible reasons why -we can also pull in some positives including writing We have all the emotions-the task is to get them to the forefront Your poem-exquisitely written

    Dec 19, 2018

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