Winning Season Read Count : 12

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel

Its time for us to live our truth. What we learned growing from our family roots. Step out of fear, keep them devils out your hear. With the most high on your side, you cant be denied. He already qualified you. Being obedient, that's the hardest to do. When we know whats right but, still choose to do wrong. Now we just made a sacrifice. Goals we made from dreams we seen personally. Something we want to pop up and happened.. Dont want to do the work to make it to reality. Who's the blame? Hiding from the audience feeling ashamed. Walk your truth, God got you. No one can disqualified you. He already approve you. Step in and give it all you have. After it's complete, you going have the last laugh. God's all around you, if you get weary. Just reach out for help, I promised he will send you guidance their. When you start and doubt comes knocking. Tell that spirit, get back God got me. You cant convinced me now. I found out who Im really am. You the one had me all confuse. Hahahaha! Im about to win and you about to lose. My time has come. Your deeds you try to do. No longer dictate what God about to do. 


  • really good read! rate and leave a comment tell me your thoughts

    Dec 18, 2018

  • Not bad, it comes together very well.

    Dec 18, 2018

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