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Its been years, I have been living in fear. Scared of what the world reaction, maybe towards me. Today , YES I SAID TODAY!!!! IM COMING OUT THE DARK TUNNEL. WHERE I LONG FOR LIGHT TO SHINE ON ME. 

Impossibility!!!! I have already fail myself. Even before I step into the light. Standing there, hearing my mind thats not right. I learned who the voices were speaking to me. 

The devil became a friend of me, as i were thinking i running for my life trying to get closer t o christ. 

My actions showed, who were closer to me. 

Doing worldy things. I realized thats not God. Hey satan just get away from me. You see and hear Im tired. Why you trying to win all of me? When i already serve you much time. He laughs and say, im not satisfied until I see your soul die.

When I knew deep in my heart i wanted eternity. Long life. Experience abundance. So today, yes today I made a choice. Walk into light and speak God voice!!! 

Living worldly, devil just setting traps for you. You thinking you sitting on a throne. Winning and all a sudden you fall. Back at square one. 

Sticking with christ eternity life.🤞 



  • something from my heart. I know im not along running for my life. growing closer to christ!

    Dec 18, 2018

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