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I tried to brave the day 

Raised with the sun just to whimper why 

I join the sheep in the daily wool sacrifice 

Giving ourselves till the day we die 

So, why not now?

I am often told not to procrastinate 

So why wait to do tomorrow,

when I can end the pain today 

I can't find comfort in bonding with other sheep 

Every talk a game and every physical thrill cheap 

Do any of us really understand what love means

I feel unattached like fabric that lost its cling 

I could never seem to wear a mask, always me for Halloween 

I heard Lady Death was sweet 

Her embrace numbing and eternal is her dreams 

No tears to cry, No more moments to be weak 

Forever I will sleep with my lady of quite peace 

Oh Death, I Love you

But what the fuck?

My mother's heart weighs heavy with loss 

As she blames herself for being a bad mom 

My father rage burns for her but he too blames himself 

Every heart I touched now suffers emotional hell 


You promised me an end to agony 

A nothingness and only darkness to dream 

But I see I live on within my family 

And they remember me in misery 

So, That's what I am

Every pleasant moment forgotten

All memories are soaked with tears and rotting 

I live only through their grief 

Therefore that is all that is left of me


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Understanding the unknown is a Crapshoot-it plays with our expectations not our rationale Control exists in life-don’t know what exists in death-I choose life I hope you do too🦋🦋🦋

    Dec 18, 2018

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