Special Edition: Republicans And Five Democrats Actions Threaten The People's Honor Read Count : 8

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   In a conjoined effort, the Republican's in the Senate managed to have killed a farm bill, which would have ended the hunger crisis caused by the War in Yemen. As most Americans should know by now, United States Repuplicans have been selling arms illegally to Saudi Arabia, the country who is believed to kill the Washinton Post Journalist.Their are those in the Senate, attempting to remedy the situation. This effort, proves my view is correct as the United States Congress has shown little interest of supporting the best interests of our world. By committing to this war, they threaten the thousands of innocent lives for no other reason than the selfish desires of the Wealthy Republicans and Self-Centered Democrats. It is up to the people to say "No more involvement in pointless wars!" If any leaders read this, know that their are other justices in this world, and you will face God's Wrath!


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