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  1. In the beginning I was always looking and searching for more the just Bible it did not make sense to me.  Some of the things that it said so I began to search and study deeper into the knowledge of what it really meant. I moved to Colorado in August of 2014 I lived there with my aunt and cousin for about two and a half years.  What happened in the last year felt like it was happening for years and years. Sometime I look back and don't know how I survived it.  Well I have found out that I have 🐝 hexed by my own family the ones that were supposed to love me the most only wanted me to sacrifice to the giant they called God's who were not God's but of this world that had money and materialistic things no spiritual matter so they chose to give them my soul and divide me at birth they made a deal of some sort with the entities of the under world but my ancestors realized how powerful I really was and before they could complete this they came in vision like a big explosion of light and landed at first I didn't know what was happening then all of a sudden I had all this energy it was source vibration I turned into this huge serpent then all of these creatures it was beautiful and amazing they shared a bunch and told me I had a soulmate in military so I searched and searched for him and finally found him his name is Jeremy vought i have so much to tell the world about what I have found out in the worlds to come we do not die when we leave here they had me on many medication and kept trying to tell me I was crazy I  coming off them please this is no joke this is the truth I will write more later on planets I gave birth to literally and created thank you to anyone who reads this


  • when God have a calling on your life. He place his grace over our lives. personally I faced several obstacles nobody but God showed up in situations. i shouldnt survived. I had to surrender to the Lord.

    Dec 18, 2018

  • Jan 16, 2019

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