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I begin to taste happiness, honestly. 

My feelings perfectly worded yet no one cares to even read. No one cares to heed what I can actually help them perceive. 


So many times Ive been told I’m crying out for help when ever I write about my struggles and problems. Oh well, call it what you want but I do this for me vulnerably exposing all of that hidden behind this big smile you see. 

Luckily, I got help and that only leaves me confused with the lack of “friends” standing with me who had promised that they’d never leave.

Those times when I asked for help from those that say they are “always there for me” just  disappointingly standby idly watching as I sink down. Gasping for air as I begin to drown until there are no more bubbles. 

Desperate for a hand to help me out only to count the bubbles of air diminishing as I die with an audience, slowly yet so subtly. 

I begin to taste happiness, truthfully. 

My words are a work art constructed with a piece of me, quite uniquely, leading them to be over read because many are stuck in a one track mind always searching. 

Searching for nothing. 

No matter to negligence, passiveness or just pure impatience I’ll leave you with this; 

“They may just be words on a paper by some emotional poet trying to be artistic but you too hurt, have struggles and may feel a little lost.”

“What is it you seek?”

“Don’t you see?”

Maybe, just maybe you can find some peace in these passages you read and believe me when I say I’m not perfect, I’m so far from it. 

I’m just like you, growing throughout life that is constantly changing doing my best to make others know that we need to help each other out of dangerous waters saving them from drowning. 

At times we all can feel neck deep but together we may achieve all that we have ever dreamed if we just listened to someone’s side of the story before stating your opinion in conversations. 

Realizing that we all need help we must start by thinking about those other than ourself. 

I begin to taste happiness, honestly. 

Happiness grew the less I lived dangerously and started becoming grown living humbly. 

These may be too many words for the ones that are inpatient but this right here could just be exactly what you’re missing. 

Breathing or not, I will be happy. 

Believe it or not this poetry is exactly what will keep those reading the words that will be a memory of me. 


Those Meaningful Words. 


  • Dec 17, 2018

  • Dec 17, 2018

  • Dec 18, 2018

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