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They are the cornerstone 
Of life’s experiences 
The pillow to rest your head on
They can fortify you
Bring a smile to your heart
Hold you close like a warm body of love
Enable you to travel back through 
Time and space in an instant
Allowing you to touch-breath and feel 
The rich wine of joy and happiness 
They can also make you shudder 
With pain  and restore the
Other dimension that balances
The scale of life’s experiences 
For all of us have had or will have
The disappointments-fears-mind crushing trauma that is also part of
The fabric of life
It is both inevitable and unavoidable 
To what degree of frequency and
Intensity is determined by us
The key to this frustrating enigma is-
How do we offset the negatives 
And strengthen the positives so that we can maintain and enhance our quality
Of life
As humans we have been blessed with the mind-heart and body to direct our
Spiritual and personality gifts in whatever manner we choose 
Simply(but not so easy) said
It’s up to us and that is the rub
We all wrestle with this dicodome 
And hopefully with help and strength 
From significant others
The memories collected will lead us
To the valley of contentment and
Fulfillment on our journey of life


  • Dec 17, 2018

  • Dec 17, 2018

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