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     I've done a bit of research on lucid dreaming lately. How it works and why. As well as benefits obtainable through it. Lucid dreams are dreams you are consciously aware of while you're in it, thus allowing you to control it. This can get crazy

     While researching I've found it takes a lot of preparation such as 1 hour of meditation and doing mental checks to see if you're awake such as trying to put your finger through your palm. Preparation can include what you're going to do once lucid.

     I'm not very good at this however. The first time I became lucid I got excited and woke up. Though I have been able to hear something in my sleep, become lucid, then be awoken shortly after is still progress. Despite the popular belief that only a small percent of people can control dreams, it's pretty cool.

     If you can become lucid write about it and let me know I'm utterly fascinated as well as perplexed by dreams. Anywho until then, sweet dreams.


  • Dec 20, 2018

  • Dec 22, 2018

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