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The sun slowly beamed against my window in a lazy manner as the crows quietly chirpped their usual tune. A cold yet heavenly breeze smothered the air around while it let out an erratic whine. Yet, there was something unusual about the dawning of this day - something I could not work out, for the chirps of crows have delivered the feeling of silence. A silence that confused me greatly. What was this dawn? Was it just my imagination lurking in on me? Or was it guilt? I had a secret that killed me inside as I kept it. A secret that deprived me from basic abilities like sleep, I mean, why would I be up at dawn? I am lavished with fortunate characteristics like a bed. Yet, why did this secret make me feel like this? Why did it hurt me in such a way that I became paranoid at a stoned silence of the air? For I didn't know how to kill this feeling so why not endure it? If I have no choice, I might as well, for fortune does not kill the unfortunate thoughts that smother the air in my mind with a cold breeze. Do they? No. It is not what we accumulate that determine our character - it is how much tenacity you have as you are given these thoughts. I must not be resilient, for why would dawn bother me? What about the evening or night? It must be due to how it is the start of another endurance. An endurance that cannot be killed, no matter how much you plaster it away with artificial grins and fake laughter...


  • Dec 16, 2018

  • Your off to a very good start!

    Dec 16, 2018

  • Dec 18, 2018

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