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Guys i edited one of my books cluthes the one chapter hard facts and just review it plz, the reason for the late note and i should have done this sooner but i was so unmotivated and a few other reasons i got depressed but im not looking for attension only some on my book and that you might check it out if you havent yet and leave a comment and i just want to shoutout for alison gray she also writes im not sure how recent but if you like you can go check her out as well. She is nothing of me not in a rude way its just she followed me and let a few motivation comment that drove me threw this time i appreciate it and i know im not that good of a writer but thats why every small comment or the 3-5 stars i get on a chapter hypes me to do more an write even longer and want to come up with new ideas.if you have read this far and havent exited thank you and yea thats all for today im working on the new chapter and it will be out on monday-wensday...


  • Dec 16, 2018

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