Aspen Heights #4 Read Count : 6

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure


~12 years later~

          Aspen stared at the creature. It had blue eyes and shiny gray fur. It seemed regal and demanding, yet it had a kind and empathetic demeanor. Aspen was frozen in motion. 

          The wolf slinked closer, its not-so-pearly whites gleaming in the pale sunlight. Abruptly, it stopped in front of her. The wolf's aura was dominated solely by intimidation. The creature snapped its head forward, and Aspen fell to the ground in submission. The gray wolf began to walk off, and after a short distance, the wolf turned its head in her direction and barked with purpose. 

         It was a order. Its tail flicked ahead of it. Follow me, it was seeming to say. Aspen crawled forward a little, then stopped out of nervousness. It barked and flicked its tail once more, repeating the command with urgency. Come on! 

         A wolf communicating with her? It threw an intense glare in her direction. Aspen didn't stop to think any more, and followed the snappy gray wolf. 


  • Good job!

    Dec 16, 2018

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