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It's been a while since the last time

I guess I shouldn't have defied


But does that mean I deserved it?

The nail marks, the soon to be bruises, all of it?

The pushing, the shoving, the falling down

Her falling on top of me after being pushed to the ground

The first time, I was 8, 

2nd husband was gone

I guess a part of her was too

and I, her little pawn

At breakfast I was daydreaming

She went to slap me and she spilled the cup

Suddenly it was my fault

So she picked and threw me up

I slid across the floor

Ran out of the house

Didn't even close the door

Just ran like a mouse

I don't remember exactly what happened

But if it's like the other times

She acted like nothing happened

Like I'm not even worth a dime

Now there's been more 

Slaps to the face

After talking back

"I'm such a disgrace"

After being called her little sweetie

How can I treat HER so badly

After all she's done for me

After all she's done FOR me

After all she's done TO me

I want to call the police

Wait, one's already here

Husband number 3

But he doesn't see and doesn't hear

If he does, it's my fault

So I close up all my feelings

Under lock and key like a vault

Which by the way, one is in our home

With a gun and butter knives

Because just little over a year ago

I tried to take my own life

I'm depressed you see

Have been for almost two years

But now so is She

And here come all my fears

It's always about her, She's always the victim

Of sibling abuse, She claims

I get it now, unfortunately

She and I are the same

So now here I am

Crying my eyes out

Writing this stupid poem

Before my time runs out


  • How sad, was this from personal experience.

    Dec 15, 2018

  • Dec 15, 2018

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