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   Recently, well-known Democratic senator Ted Lieu has been ridiculed for making statements about regulating free speech. There are two sides to every story, so I will explain what the positive side is and then the negative side. Right-wing media has been using this to attack the Democratic Party, even though we know that they have a taste for blood every time something like this comes up. You're probably wondering what I mean by regulating free speech and why I have some interest in the positive side of this. You will learn about this very soon.

   In the right hands, regulating Free Speech could be a good thing. How would regulating free speech be a benefit you wonder. A long time ago, it used to be you could watch media to learn about different problems which were facing the nation. But nowadays, our MSM sources have become nothing in short of protesters in reality television. By controlling what some people are allowed to say, you can deal with the people who are responsible for spreading a great deal of misinformation to the public. People who incite violence activity against innocent citizens could also be dealt with in a more forceful manner. The spreading of misinformation has taken root in our country, and has become common throughout every source we could have imagined. This is the major point, where regulating free-speech comes in.

   Now, here's the problem with regulating free speech. Whenever we have people, who think they are above the rule of Law and Justice, they will take a hold of that and abuse it for their own good. It could enable them to spread even more misinformation to the public, while covering up those who would uncover the truth to relay back to the people. With people who want to regulate Free Speech, they can do more damage than good if it's abused. This is why it such a controversial issue. That's the only spin why we need both sides, to tip the balance. When the balance is tipped, everything leans over to one side.

   So this is the pro and con of regulating free speech, but here's something else you should be aware of. Ted lieu, admitted on the media that he chose his words inappropriately. It wasn't meant to mean, what they were saying that it meant. Which is obvious, as soon as an opposing side gets information they want to spread whatever they want about it. This doesn't matter which position you sit on the political scale, both sides are known to do it all the time now.


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