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This is based off a nightmare I had, just let you know, because some parts probably won't make sense.

In this world, there are monsters. Not the kind in fairy tales, or scary stories, but pure evil that lurks in the shadows. 

The government never thought that violence would escalate this far, but they've been left with no control for too long, now they've become what the world will always fear.

Their known as Night Crawlers. Makes 'em sound like a worm doesn't it? However, if you've heard if then, then you'd know the name suits them perfectly.

I was sitting with Ashlyn and Erica, when the intercom came on. It said: Monster Alert, take shelter immediately. 

I was strangely calm as I joined my friends in hiding under a desk. 

"We have to get out of here!" A tall boy named Drew yelled. At that moment, two other teachers burst in. They began ushering students out of the room. 

The moment my feet crossed the threshold, everything went black, then ascended into pure chaos. 

Night Crawlers lunge from the shadows, slashing and tearing. Screams echoed through the air. 

Panic gripped my chest as I turned and sprinted into the bathroom. 

I ducked into the shower. 

At least there was a dim light in here.

Outside the screaming faded and soon the only thing I could hear was the pounding of my own heart. 

Then, I heard something.

The door opened and slammed closed. 

"What are we going to do?" A female voice cried. I peeked behind the curtain gasped. 

It was Raven-SymonĂ© and Jason Maybaum! 

"Hello?" I called, stepping out of my hiding place. Raven was startled, but Jason remained surprisingly calm. 

Eventually, we decided that we would have to run through the dark room in order to get to the escape door. 

We stepped out of the bathroom and began making our way towards the escape door. 

As we did, I began to feel less nervous. We were almost there and there were no Night Crawlers in sight.

"Come on, let's go!" Raven urged. "Sssh!" I hissed. 

"No sssh me girl, no Night Crawlers gonna kill me!" She shouted, making me wince.

Raven continued to be loud until my anxiety couldn't take it and I turned and ran back to the bathroom. 

Just as I closed the door I heard a scream pierce the air.

My heart leapt into my throat and I ducked into the shower. 

A moment later the door swung open and slammed closed.

Raven jumped into the shower, standing opposite of me with her back to the curtain. 

Her eyes were full of fear, her breathing loud. 

I wondered what happened to Jason, but I already knew. He was gone. 

Then, the door slowly opened and closed eith a loud 'click' that seemed to echo throughout the entire room.

Then, dagger-like objects ripped through the curtain, tearing straight through Raven. 

Crimson stained the curtain as Raven fell, the curtain falling and billowing around her like a dress. She was dead before she hit the ground.

I stared horrified, at the monster before me. 

It was definitely human. Whether a man or woman though, I couldn't tell. They were completely covered in black, with a mask covering their face. Knife-like fingers protruded from their gloved hands. 

We stood there for only a millisecond, looking at each other, but it felt like years. Then they lurched forwards, their 'claws' digging into my chest, a scream tearing through the air. 


  • L.O.L I have some really. weird dreams and nightmares too.

    Dec 15, 2018

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