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My writing are not good and people don't like them because they are boring. It is not that people don't read them, but they read and they don't like. But why compare my writings with those of someone else? No wonder I have been writing and yet no body can comment anything. It is better you call me an idiot than to keep quiet, but remember I always reply  insults with more nasty insults. I know you are reading this, and trying to imagine what am thinking. What I want is five stars before you leave my article.

 For heavenly sake I cannot be wasting my energy for you people and then you try to discourage me! Am damly serious about this.you are forcing me to demand feedback, and not just feedback, I need a good feedback.

Hope you have understood.


  • Dec 15, 2018

  • M@tt L@ndøn

    M@tt L@ndøn

    I dont want to make a fuss over this but you only wrote 5 things i know how you feel its like you put so much into your writing and you get only a bit out its just how life works and also try advertise on your writing like make a blog and just say that you released a new chapter or writing and stop wanting more then you actually need to put in

    Dec 15, 2018

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