Attempt At The Nightwing Throne Read Count : 4

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Sub Category : Fantasy

30000 Years Before The Birth Of The Legends.

Queen Moondancer Paces The Throne Room Impatient, A Young Nightwing Named Darkmind Challenged Called Challenging Her For The Throne But He Still Hasn't Shown Up.

1 Hour Later.

An Hour Later Darkmind Finally Shows Up.

"Are You Ready To Loose?" Darkmind says. Queen Moondancer Replys saying "You Should Be Asking Yourself That Darkmind....." 

"Whatever" Darkmind says.

"Then let's get this over with" Moondancer growls. "I have a kingdom to rule".

"Impatient much?" Darkmind Replys. 

"Yes actually because I have been waiting for OVER 4 DAMN HOURS FOR YOU TO GET HERE!!!" Moondancer roars annoyed.

"Fine fine" Darkmind says trying to stay calm.

"Ok then....BEGIN!" The queen shouts out.

Darkmind prepares to attack then moon throws him to a wall with magic and presses a talon to his chest, right over his heart. "I Win" "Try Me Again And You DIE IN THE MOST PAINFUL WAY DARKMIND." Darkmind yelps and whimpers. "Y-yes y-y-your m-m-magisty." 

"Good, now get out and go clean the stables" Moondancer snorts and removes her claw from his chest.

Darkmind nods and scrambles out of the throne room as quickly as he can. 

Moondancer sighs and sits back down on her throne "there are no enemies worthy Of Fighting me.....But the rules of the throne are plain and unchanging anyone can challenge for the throne if they want.....heh heh too bad they will NEVER defeat me." Queen Moondancer then sits on her throne and goes on with the day with only occasional visites and requests. And in the end she goes to sleep to rule another day.


  • There are a few mistakes like loose vs lose and capitalization errors. You are also missing commas, and might have repeated a word or two, so the mistakes do impair the meaning of the text.

    Dec 15, 2018

  • I Hope You Do More Dragon Stuff

    Jan 18, 2019

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