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Tier High School, one of twenty in the Marron Valley, out of the twenty; it's in the top three of the most dangerous schools. But their in the top five to be special. So special, some of the other schools in the Marron Valley district would say they have some mystic mystery abilities.

Aydin: Ah! I'm going to be late for school! I need to hurry fast!

She ran down the stairs, knocking a picture over. All the noise she was making woke her baby brother. 

Aydin's Mom: Aydin, look what you did. You made your brother cry and made a huge mess! I expect this to be clean after school and before I get off of work young lady!

Aydin: Yes mom! Bye mom!

She ran to school, on the way there she bumped into a boy. She looked up, rubbing her head. Checking if she got a bump on her head.

Aydin: Ouch! I'm so sorry sir, I'm in a rush and wasn't pay-

Boy: Ouch, that hurt.

Aydin stared at the boy for a long time. Staring at his short hair, and purple eyes, raggady but stylish pants and shirt. A tightening feeling grew in Aydin's chest.

Voice: Hey look! It's Lame Aydin!

Aydin: Oh no... Stop calling me that!

Voice: Why should I? You know it's true. Hahaha.

Aydin: No its not!

Voice: Yeah it is, right boys?

Boy #2: Yeah!

Boy #3: Yeah!

Aydin: No it's not!

The three boys cut a line in their palm then drew a symbol on their wrists. Aydin did the same.

All three Boys: Tier 2! Activate!

Aydin: Tier 1! Activate!

The boys laughed. One of the boys went in for the first blow. The other two kept laughing.

Boy #2: Tier 2 Fire Fist!

Boy: Tier 4 Blockade.

Boy #1: What the hell!

Boy: What's your name girl?

Aydin: A-Aydin...

Boy: Leave Aydin, I got this.

Aydin: Al- Alright...

Boy: Alright, Tier 4 Wind Breath!

Boy #1: Wind Breath...?

Boy #2: Tier 4...?

Boy #3: Who are you?!

Boy: Me? Who am I? A guy you don't ever want to mess with again. Nor that girl, so when you see my purple eyes, or my purple hair, and see a moon earring in the distance think twice before you start a fight against a friend of mine!

The boys looked at one another. Aydin was hiding around the corner, she over heard the boy. She blushed a little and then took off to school before she was late.

Boy #3: Hahaha. You consider-

Boy: Tier 4 Earth Cage!

Aydin got to school right before the bell rang. She sat at her desk, out of breath. Thinking of the purple hair guy. Her friends came over, talked to her.

Autumn: Aydin, did you hear?

Aydin: What?

Autumn: There's a new kid at school!

Aydin: Wait, for real! Is it a boy or girl?

Addilyn: A boy, he's coming from our sister school. Rumors are spreading about him, and he's not even here yet.

Aydin: He's late though. What are the rumors?

Addilyn: He has purple hair. And he is Tier 4 power holder!

Aydin: Purple hair?

Autumn: Yeah. Remember that big fight that was all over the news last year? He was in it! The big gang rivalry at Chance Central High. He stopped both of the gangs from causing a turf war. At his school he's Chance level 8! Since he's coming here he's Tier 4.

Aydin: Wow.

Addilyn: Best part, he is in our class and is in all of your classes. Even one for only girls.

Aydin: Why?

Autumn: Security reason. Remember the-

Aydin: Yeah, let's not.

Autumn: Alright.

The teacher walked in. A boy was behind him. Everyone jaws dropped onto their desks. Aydin eyes widen, she began to blush. The boy kept a straight face.

Autumn: Aydin, what's wrong?

Aydin: I met him, he saved me from the Trio...

Addilyn: For real! Lucky! He's cute as hell! You got yourself a bodyguard!

Aydin: Shut up.

Autumn: No, she has a boyfriend!

Addilyn: Even better!

The boy introduced himself to the class.

Elon: Hello, my name is Ellon. I'm 17, and I transfered here from Chance Central High. Um, what else... Oh, I also like anime and music. And don't test me, I have a short fuse. I already got into a fight with three boys before I could get here.

Teacher: Ok? Thanks for the introduction.

Elon: I'll sit next to Aydin.

Teacher: Alright?

Elon: Thanks.

Elon sat next Aydin. They both said hi to one another. Aydin's face turned completely red. Autumn and Addilyn giggled.

Aydin's Mind: I can't believe this is happening!

Elon's Mind: Why is she so stressed?

Autumn and Addilyn's Mind: Aydin has a boyfriend!

Teacher's Mind: 285 more days until summer break!


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