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I am happy to wake up today. I thank God that I am alive and healthy. It is a blessing to feel the morning breeze and to listen to the singing birds. I don't know how my day will be but I am not worried about the challenges I may face. I can clearly hear what my neighbours are doing since our houses are made of iron sheet. I get disturbed only when they are fighting or when the couples are busy making love.

Here I live alone since I just completed highschool last has been always my desire to be independent and one day to have a nice family. I don't have a girlfriend because I need enough time to invest.

 Life in the slum is not exactly what people "outside" perceive. Our problem is not money, but lack of skills. Becoming rich is a skill which needs knowledge. We are used to a life of caring only about today, maybe that's where our joy comes from, but the problem is that our lives never improve. Here most of us are very religious and we are always lured by the pastors who promise financial miracles.We spend money on laxary at end month after receiving our little sulary. Though there are those who are disadvantaged because of physical illness or any other kind of inability.

I promise myself that today I will live a better life than yestarday and archive my daily goals.


  • Dec 15, 2018

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