In Love With The Enemy Ep 1 Read Count : 16

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Hey this is not the first story i made but hope u like It. Hey my name is benesaa I am 18 years old,my mother didn't care about me all she cared about was money. She would slap me and hurt me. u might be like benesaa where's your father? Well my father left me and my mother because she was a pain in the a**. Well when I was cleaning a dude came into my house. It was Jonathan, jonathan was the richest man in Korea but I didn't care. That man told my mom if he marry me he will give my mother money and that witch excepted without my permission. When he left I went up to my mother and said "mom I am not marrying that thing" she slaped me and said "your marrying him weather u like it or not " then she walked away. I was mad, it was 10 at night and I wanted to go for a walk I don't know why but love the dark. I was walking when I heard a gun shot BANG!! I was going to run but 

then out of curiosity i went to check it out. There was a mad man shooting in the air while there was another guy on the ground groaning in pain I felt bad so I had to go help him. I saw a gun on the ground it could have bein his I picked it up then pointed at the mad man, the mad man looked at me and said "oh is those your side chick then he started laughing I pulled the trigger because he was so annoying. The guy was trying to stand up but then I helped him. I asked him where he lived he told me then I took him to his home. I took care of him the next morning I had to leave. I was walking home when I heard sounds in the bushes I was about to take my first step when.. find out in the next episode 


  • cool story

    Jan 17, 2019

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